NEPG adds Partnership with 100% Speedlab

A new support of the Kenda AMA National Enduro Series is 100% Speedlab. At each round this season starting with Sumter in just under a few weeks time we will have $5 raffle tickets available. 1 winner each round will be selected to win this prize package from 100%. Each package includes 1 pair of Racecraft Goggles. 1 pair of Accuri goggles with Forecast System. 2 pairs of 100% moto socks. And a goggle carrying case.

Raffle Ticket sales will become available approximately 1 week before each event. Winners will be drawn at the Riders Meeting at each round. If the winner of the Prize package is present they will receive it then. If the winner is not present we will be sure to ship the prize to you.

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50th Annual Sumter National Enduro Sold out within 10 minutes

Shan Moore Photo

Shan Moore Photo

On Wednesday January 2nd the Pre Registration Opened up at 8:00pm for Round 1 of the 2019 Kenda AMA National Enduro Series presented by Moose Racing. By 8:10pm the 720 Row numbers were filled up completely for the 50th Annual Sumter National Enduro. This is just another positive sign on how alive and well Enduro Racing is in the U.S.A. and how much the riders enjoy the Sumter National Enduro hosted by the SERMA Club. Currently there are at over 60 riders and counting that are on the waiting list that will be randomly assigned positions at 8am the morning of the race. We are excited to get racing in just under 1 month from now!

50th sumter.gif

It is very exciting to have such great interest in the series leading into Round 1 of the 2019 Kenda AMA National Enduro Series presented by Moose Racing. This year is the 50th Annual Running of the Sumter National Enduro, and the SERMA Club is dedicated to hosting a great event each year. 50 events is a huge accomplishment that not many clubs reach, add that with a large scale national enduro, just shows the rich enduro racing history in the South Carolina Area.

If you have not signed up yet for this event, it is not too late. We allow a waiting list of riders that will be randomly assigned a row number on race day morning at 8am. If you show up to race you will not be turned away. You will be able to race, we just can not guarantee any specific rows, they will be randomly assigned by computer software.

Congratulations to Lansing Motorcycle Club on Club of the Year


We would like to extend our Congratulations to a club that has been around from what seems like the beginning of time. Lansing Motorcycle Club has a rich history in Enduro Racing. They have hosted a National Enduro numerous times, and hoping will again soon. They hosted their 93rd Annual Infamous Jack Pine Enduro this past season and was Named Club of the Year by the AMA. Congratulations Lansing Motorcycle Club!

Photo Credit Ed McNeil

Photo Credit Ed McNeil

Amateur Rider Spotlight- Mike Greenman, A 55+

mike greenman.JPG


Name: Mike Greenman

Age: 57

Hometown: Battle Creek, MI

Local Series: Michigan Sprint Enduros and D-14 Enduros/Harescrambles

Class: A 55+

Bike: Beta 300RR race ready

Sponsors: Tim Anderson, Claudia Danielewicz and Kenda tire, MX PARTS NOW, RX GOGGLES, NO LIMITS POWERSPORTS.

Small description as to why you chose to race the Kenda AMA National Enduro Series:

I love riding and racing single track though the woods. I have won 3 National Hare Scrambles Class Championships, 2 East Hare Scrambles Class Championships, and 1 Regional Hare Scramble Class Championship. I decided to step it up and try something new, so I started to race the Kenda AMA National Enduro Series. I love traveling and riding different places and meeting other racers and people. It fun to be there and make new friends.

Your favorite race so far:

I don't know if I have a favorite race, because every race has something special. The Dragon's Back in Virginia was really cool and fun. Marquette's Loose Moose National Enduro, it's the only place I've raced so far that goes from sand to monster rocks.

Favorite moment on the National Enduro Series:

Aside from racing, working Tim, Claudia, and Bob changing tires and meeting and talking with all the other racers is a lot of fun for me.

Goals for the Season:

My goal is to finish in the top five and hopefully to win a National Enduro Class Championship some day.

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mike greenman 2.JPG

Rachel Gutish Joins Factory Beta



Beta USA is happy to announce its latest addition to the Factory Race team: Rachel Gutish. In 2018, Gutish rode as a Beta support rider and proved that she is a fierce competitor with five podium finishes at the Grand National Cross Country Series and one while racing in the National Enduro Series.

Gutish will be racing in the WXC class of the Grand National Cross Country(GNCC) series and the National Enduro Series(NEPG) in the Women's Elite class.


Beta USA Race Team Manager


"After having the chance to work with Rachel last year on our support rider program, I am happy to put her on our Factory team for 2019! She proved to be a great asset to our team and I'm looking forward to seeing what she can do next year under the Factory Beta tent! Welcome Rachel!!"


Bike: Beta 390 RR Race Edition 

"I couldn't be more excited about getting signed to the Beta Factory team! It's always been a dream of mine to be under a factory tent, and I really feel like Beta is a good, upstanding company that I can be proud to represent. The added support also allows me to focus entirely on my racing career in a way I was never sure would be possible. As far as what I want to accomplish this year, I really want to repay Beta for their generosity and belief in me by giving the company their first GNCC premier class win. Looking a little on the longer-term, I want to give Beta their first premier class GNCC and National Enduro titles as well! With focus and hard work, I believe both of these things can be accomplished within the next couple years. Again, I want to stress that I cannot thank Beta enough for this opportunity!"

2019 Schedule Changes and 2019 Supplemental Rules

Important Schedule Date Changes

The FIM has updated the ISDE dates for the 2019 Season. With that, there was an overlap with the NEPG season finale in Oklahoma. This also created a conflict with the GNCC Schedule. The NEPG contacted the clubs affected and have been able to work with them to reschedule two of the previously announced NEPG 2019 Enduro dates without any conflicts.  The Missouri Mudders has graciously moved Round 8 in Park Hills, Missouri from September 15th to September 8th, 2019. The Tulsa Trail Riders in Oklahoma has graciously moved from November 10th to October 20th 2019.  The NEPG is fortunate that the clubs we partner with to make the AMA National Enduro Series the success it is, understand the struggle with scheduling and have done an excellent job with us to make all these schedules work for the upcoming 2019 off-road season. We are apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused anyone but the NEPG feels is the best solution for all those racing and supporting the various AMA off-road racing series’. 

Click the Schedule Image for Printable PDF

Click the Schedule Image for Printable PDF

Moving into the 2019 Season there have some changes to the Supplemental Rules that we would like to point out. 

Changes to classes.
66+ Class is now a 65+ Class.
Women's Elite is now an 'A' only class and will now have a Podium payout. Women's Elite will still follow the 'B' length course. 
Women's C is no longer a class. It will now be Women's Amateur which will be recognized as a 'B/C' class, and will follow the 'C' length Course. 
Added is a Schoolboy 14-16 86cc-250cc Class.

NE Pro 1 Changes.
Previous 2 Years Top 12 Overall National Enduro Riders From 2017-2018.
Reserved Rows for NE Pro 1 will start on Row 33a and continue 1 per row back from there. 
Entry fee will be $85 per rider in NE Pro 1 Class. 

NE Pro 2 Changes. 
There will now be 12 reserved rows for NE Pro 2 Riders 21A-32A.
After the first round Reserved rows will be assigned to the Top 12 NE Pro 2 riders from the previous round. If a rider signs up for an event but was not in the Top 12 in the previous event, they will be assigned a row number on an open Pro Row. 
Entry fee will be $75 per rider in the NE Pro 2 Class. 

Women's Elite Changes.
This will be strictly an 'A' Women's Class. 
There will be a payout to the Top 3 at each event. Amount TBD.
There will be Reserved Rows for the Women's Elite Riders 1 Per row 18-22. This too starting at the second round will be the top 5 from the event previous. 1st place at the Previous round will be on 18, 2nd place will be on 19 and continue on. If a rider registers for an event but was not in the top 5 in the Women's Elite class in the previous Round they will be assigned a spot on an open Women's Elite Row. 
Entry fee will be $70 per rider in the Women's Elite Class. 

Waiting List Changes. 
 A waiting list for a particular event will not be used unless the Maximum number of entries is reached for that particular event on the online Pre-entry registration, prior to the time the actual event registration opens on Saturday before the event. Events will have different number of maximum riders due to amount of parking, amount of riders the Forest Service limits, etc. In the absence of the waiting list, all riders that sign up at the actual event registration will be assigned the remaining open rows not previously assigned to another rider. If the maximum registrations is reached during the actual event registration, additional rows will be added on the back to accommodate added participants.

Click image for full 2019 Supplemental Rules

Click image for full 2019 Supplemental Rules

Amateur Rider Spotlight- Stan Szlachciuk- B 200



Name: Stan Szlachciuk

Age: 69

Hometown: New Berlin, WI

Local Series: AMA D14, D16, D17 Enduro Series

Class: B 200

Bike: KTM 200 XC-W

Small description as to why you chose to race the Kenda AMA National Enduro Series:

The National Enduro Series enables me to participate in a highly competitive atmosphere with the best riders in the country. It is the best organized off-road racing venue, offering me to the most varied types of terrain throughout many parts of the country, and a chance to travel extensively. It allows interaction with riders with various degrees of expertise, develop my riding skills, and form friendships with Enduro enthusiasts from all over the country; both competitors and their families.

Your favorite race so far:

Loose Moose National in Michigan, which broke the long string of inclement weather the series experienced this year.

Favorite moment on the National Enduro Series:

Reaching the top of the Dragon’s Back in Virginia.

Goals for the Season:

Compete in every event in the series, and matching / exceeding my results from last season (4th- B 200).

Stan 2.png
Stan 1.png
Stan 3.png

Beta Report from the Gobbler Getter National Enduro


National Enduro Round 10 Overview:

Location: Stanton, Alabama

Beta Factory Race Team Results:

  • Mike Witkowski placed 9th in the Pro 1 class of the last NEPG event of the year. Witkowski ended the 2018 season in 11th place.


Bike: Beta 250 RR Race Edition

mike witkowski.jpg

"The Gobbler Getter Enduro was one of the races I have never done before, and I have never raced in this state of Alabama. The soil is sandy and the trees are tight! The track conditions were near perfect. The tight trees and ever changing elevation caught me off guard. I was expecting this last National Enduro race to cap off a good end to the year since I did so well at the last GNCC event, but the race had other plans. It seemed like I couldn't get a good flow going, but talking with other riders, that seemed to be everyone's issue. On a good note, I finished the day stronger than where I started. My Beta 300 was perfect and very fun to race. I'm looking forward to working hard this winter and starting round 1 with a fresh start here in a couple months! Thanks Beta for all the support!"

2 top tens for the GasGas team at the last National Enduro in Alabama to finish the season.


Stanton, AL (November 4, 2018) – FAR Racing Gas Gas North America’s Andrew DeLong turned in an impressive seventh overall finish on his GasGas XC300 at this weekend’s Gobbler Getter National Enduro in Stanton, Alabama.  While Thorn Devlin continues his comeback from knee surgery.


The event marked the season finale for the National Enduro series and it featured one of the largest entries of the year, as rain leading up to the weekend left the Alabama soil in perfect condition for racing.


After making a few setup changes to his bike, DeLong settled into a fast pace that saw him close on KTM factory rider Ben Kelley midway into the race. However, when DeLong got a little too impatient, he started pushing a little too hard and the result was a trip into the trees, which cost the Pennsylvania rider considerable time.


In the end, DeLong still managed one of his best rides of the season with a seventh overall.


Factory rider Thorn Devlin rounded out the top 10 in only his 2nd National Enduro since 2017 after having extensive knee surgery this spring.   Thorn racing the new XC250 after just testing last week showed good speeds and things are looking strong for Thorn moving into 2019.


Andrew DeLong: We made some changes from our GNCC setup and I didn’t feel too comfortable with them in the tight woods, so we made some adjustments after the first test and I started rolling pretty good. I felt really good and I closed in on Ben Kelley. I lost a lot of time in that first test before we made the changes, but I was up to within 12 seconds of Ben and I was riding pretty good but I made a little bobble and lost some time to him. In test six I went for it and I ended up riding over my head. I wanted fifth pretty bad and I made a big mistake and got caught up in some trees and ended up seventh. Overall it was a good day and a good way to finish off the season.


Thorn Devlin: I thought I would try the XC250 for the last National instead of the XC300.   I really liked the feel and power of the motor, the bike felt a little quicker than the 300 and was fun to race it.  I still have some conditioning to do to get back into the pace and rhythm I want, but it is coming along for sure.



1. Grant Baylor (KTM)

2. Josh Toth (KTM)

3. Steward Baylor (KTM)

4. Evan Smith (Hsq)

5. Ben Kelley (KTM)

6. Ryder Lafferty (KTM)

7. Andrew DeLong (GG)

8. Liam Draper (KTM)

9. Jesse Ansley (KTM)

10. Thorn Devlin (GG)



Round 10 (Finale) - AMA National Enduro Series - November 4, 2018

STANTON, Ala. – KTM riders swept the overall podium once again on Sunday for the tenth and final round of the 2018 AMA National Enduro Series in Stanton, Alabama. It was Tely Energy Racing/KTM’s Grant Baylor who topped the day’s results at the Gobbler Getter National Enduro, but it was his teammate, Steward Baylor Jr., who emerged as the 2018 Champion following a third-place finish on the day. FMF KTM Factory Racing’s Josh Toth completed the all-KTM podium with a hard-fought second-place finish.


Steward Baylor Jr. put a cap on a successful 2018 season, where he finished atop the podium at each of the ten rounds. With three victories under his belt, Baylor’s season-long consistency was key in earning his third-career title. With one goal in mind, Steward kept a steady pace all day, finishing inside the top-four throughout each of the day’s six tests. With a test-win in section five, Baylor kept himself in the hunt for a win but, in the end, third overall was more than enough to secure the 2018 championship.


Grant Baylor showed the most consistency and speed of the day, as he maintained control of the race from start to finish. Baylor came out swinging with a win in the opening test and from there, he went on to notch two more test-wins in sections three and four, which gave him a favorable position heading into the final two tests. Finishing second and fourth in the last two sections, Grant was able to maintain his lead to earn his fourth victory of the season. He concluded the 2018 season with third overall in the championship standings.


It was a solid day for Toth, who battled for a podium position all day. Toth kicked things off with a pair of thirds in the first two tests, before jumping up to second in test three. He dropped back to fourth in section four but he battled his way back to finish strong with second in test five and a win in test six, which was good enough to catapult him into second overall for the day.


In his first full season of competing in the AMA National Enduro Series, Toth earned second overall in the championship standings with a solid panel of finishes, including one overall win and six podium-finishes.


Steward Baylor Jr.: I’m pumped to wrap up another National Enduro Championship! We had an awesome year with a very smooth season and I look forward to the 2019 season, where I look to defend my title again.”


Josh Toth: “The final National Enduro of the year was a ton of fun with a great course and conditions. I had super close racing all day with Stu Baylor and Evan Smith, and it came down to the last test with me in fourth place, just ten seconds from second-place. I put my head down and ripped the last test, winning the test and grabbing second overall. I’m very happy to have had a consistent year in NEPG, while learning a lot and improving my riding. It was my first year competing in the series and being runner-up to a three-time NEPG champion and fighting all the way into the last race is something I am proud of, I will only improve from here!”


Team Manager, Antti Kallonen: Congratulations to Steward and Tely Energy Racing/KTM team for their championship. It was a great season by all KTM riders and I’m happy to see Steward on the top step and earning his third National Enduro Championship.”


NE Pro1 Results

1. Grant Baylor, KTM, 2:20:40.899

2. Josh Toth, KTM, 2:21:09.132

3. Steward Baylor Jr., KTM, 2:21:21.978


NE1 Pro Championship Standings

1. Steward Baylor Jr., 224 points

2. Josh Toth, 208

3. Grant Baylor, 192

4. Ben Kelley, 155

5. Cory Buttrick, 122

Baylors Brothers Carve Up Gobbler Getter National Enduro

Stanton, AL (November 4, 2018) – Steward and Grant Baylor once again demonstrated their National Enduro prowess by carving up the final round of the Kenda AMA National Enduro Series in Stanton, Alabama.

 Grant claimed his second win of the season – and second in a row – while older brother Steward clinched the 2018 national title with a third place finish. Steward’s title marked his second in a row and the third of his career.


 In all, the Tely Energy Racing-backed brothers combined to win seven of the nine rounds held during the 2018 season, while FMF KTM’s Josh Toth and Rockstar Energy Husqvarna’s Thad DuVall won the remaining two.

 Grant got off to a fast start at the Gobbler Getter, winning the opening test by 14 seconds over Steward, while Toth was not far behind in third. From there, Grant went on to claim two more test wins, extending his lead to 29 seconds at the finish.


 “Today was awesome,” said Grant. “The track was a bit slippery and it was hard to get stopped in places. I fell over in a few turns, but after I won that first test I just tried to be smooth and not lose the advantage.”

 With Grant the clear leader after the first test, a battle ensued over second place between Toth, Steward Baylor and SRT Husqvarna’s Evan Smith.

 Smith won test two and took the lead in the battle over the runner-up slot. However, Steward won test five and closed to within five seconds. Neither could hold off Toth in the sixth and final test, however, as the Connecticut rider won the test by 19 seconds over Steward and 25 seconds over Smith to cement second overall for the day.

 “Steward and I were literally tied for like three tests in a row, so it was close racing all day,” said Toth. “I was fourth going into the final test behind Grant, Steward and Evan, but I just ripped it and was able to make up enough ground to move into second.”

 Steward edged out Smith for third by just two seconds.

 “Obviously you would like to win the race with you wrap up a title, but I knew going into the final test that I just needed to ride smooth and not make any mistakes and the title was mine,” said Baylor. “I didn’t try to hang it out there and risk a crash, I just did what I needed to do.

 “I’m really happy with the season. This made my ninth podium in nine rounds, so it’s been a consistent season. It just feels good to add another championship.”


 For Smith, the race was bittersweet, having missed the podium by such a small margin. However, his test win was more than enough reward for a hard-fought season.

 “I won a grass track test last year in Tulsa, but this is my first “real” enduro test win, so I’m pretty excited,” said Smith. “I ran second from the second test to the fifth test and I really thought I could finish second overall but Stew and Josh were riding well. I’m still happy with the day.”

Trail Jesters Racing KTM’s Ben Kelley rounded out the top five; while Solid Performance KTM’s Ryder Lafferty topped the NE Pro2 division with a sixth overall finish.

 “I started off pretty rough; I had two crashes in the first test and I was really struggling,” said Lafferty. “After that, we changed a few things with the bike and just tried to regroup and I was able to come back.”

 Andrew DeLong, the 2014 National Enduro Champion, put his FAR Racing GasGas North America XC300 into seventh place, finishing just five seconds behind Lafferty. Meanwhile KR4 Husqvarna’s Liam Draper was eight overall and second in the NE Pro2 class.

 Central Florida Powersports KTM’s Jesse Ansley turned some heads with a ninth overall finish and first in the AA class, while Pennsylvania’s Thorn Devlin rounded out the top 10 on a GasGas.

 Beta USA’s Mike Witkowski finished 11th overall, edging out KTM-mounted Nathan Ferderer. Ferderer’s 12th overall was good enough for third in the NE Pro2 class.

 KR4 Husqvarna’s Tayla Jones swept all five tests to win the Women’s Elite class by 21 seconds ahead of Trail Jesters KTM Racing’s Mackenzie Tricker. Jones won seven rounds in 2018 to claim this year’s title.

 “The dirt was perfect with all the rain we had leading up to the race and I had a good day,” said Jones. “I like the Enduro series, and I think I adapted to the format pretty well over the course of the season.”

 Viator Performance Racing’s Jessica Delee was third in the Women’s Elite on a KTM.

 Martin Howell won the A 30+ class, beating out fellow KTM riders Bryan Henson and Mitchell McRee. Meanwhile, Trale Henderson won the 200A class on a Yamaha, with KTM riders Chris Cornell and David McCool finishing second and third.

 For more information on the Kenda AMA National Enduro Series go to



1. Grant Baylor (KTM)

2. Josh Toth (KTM)

3. Steward Baylor (KTM)

4. Evan Smith (Hsq)

5. Ben Kelley (KTM)

6. Ryder Lafferty (KTM)

7. Andrew DeLong (GG)

8. Liam Draper (KTM)

9. Jesse Ansley (KTM)

10. Thorn Devlin (GG)



Media Contact:

Shan Moore