2014 Expert-AA Class “REVISED”

 2014 Expert-AA Class “REVISED”  

After further review and input from riders, the decision has been made to adjust the rider eligibility of the new Expert-AA class.

Riders that are now required to enter the Expert-AA class are riders that are currently ranked in the top 5 of their regional AA class, and riders who finished 16-25th overall in the previous year’s AMA/NEPG National Enduro Championship Series. If a rider is eligible and is going to ride the 40+ or older age class they are not required to ride the Expert-AA class.

Also any regionally ranked AA rider that chooses to ride the Expert-AA class is welcome to do so, but they must continue to enter that class for the remainder of the series. If you have pre-entered a 2014 event in the Expert-AA class and no longer meet the requirements, please e-mail us at info@nationalenduro.com and let us know what class you should be entered in.

Each round of the series will have a top 3 pay out in the Expert-AA class of 1st ($100), 2nd ($75), 3rd ($50)

The top 5 in the Expert-AA class at each round will have a reserved row of 36-40 at the next round. (1st 36B, 2nd 37B, 3rd 38B, 4th 39B, 5th 40B)

In the event that a rider in the Expert-AA class places in the top 10 overall at an event or are in the top 15 overall in the series points per supplemental rule (program 17), they will ride on that reserved row at the next event instead of their Expert-AA row.