2016 Season Begins Tonight With Entries Opening For Sumter

Entries for the February 7th Sumter National Enduro open tonight at 8pm eastern time.

Below are a few helpful hints for your registration:

* Confirm that you and any other riders that you are going to enter have a LiveLaps account set up and if you are registering other riders have their LivLaps number available.

*Log into your LiveLaps account www.livelaps.com a few minutes before 8pm.

*At 8pm click available registrations & select Sumter on the right.

*Choose your row request. NOTE: If your row request is not available the system will ONLY move you backwards to the first available later row.

*Click either riding by yourself or riding with friends.

*If you're registering friends search for them by LiveLaps #(quickest), AMA number, name or email

*Click on them to add them to your row. NOTE: 1 person can only register a maximum of 1 full row (For Sumter that would mean you and 5 friends for a total of 6 on a row)

*Proceed to PayPal Payment. NOTE: Make sure that if you did a practice entry that you remove the test PayPal login and enter YOUR PayPal login info or pay via credit card.