KENDA Tire For The Zink Ranch Enduro

The Kenda recommended tire for the NEPG Tulsa Trail Riders enduro at Tulsa, Oklahoma is the Washougal II DC, this tire is great in intermediate conditions from loam to hard clay.  The alternate tire will be the Triple with its sticky compound and dimpled knobs.     The Kenda rider support boxes will be at this round, they will be at the first and second gas truck. The boxes contain a supply of Kenda Tuff-Tubes, bike stand, tools, tire spoons and air compressor. The tubes are on the honor system, just stop by after the race and pay for what you use. The support boxes are for all riders regardless of the brand tires you run.  Tim Anderson the trackside vendor for Kenda tires will have a large selection of Kenda tires, Super Tuff Tubes and Tuff Tubes including the Washougal, Triple and Millville 2 tires. You can reserve your tires at, please include tire sizes or call Tim at (248) 431-7506 before 10 PM EST. Mounting is available on Saturday, we do a very limited number of tires on Sunday because we are on row 38. A limited selection of Kenda youth tires and Tuff-Tubes will also be available. Stop by the Kenda tent under the giant inflatable Kenda tire and say hello.