NEPG Pre-Entry Helpful Hints

NEPG Pre-Entry Helpful Hints 

For 2017 we have worked with Live Laps on a few changes in the pre-registration system to collect more accurate rider information. When registering you will need to enter your class, row request and bike brand, those items often change so they are no longer in the riders personal profile. 

NOTE: Remember when selecting your row request, the system will give you the closest row available to what you requested going later as needed to find an open spot based on first come first serve. The system will never give you an earlier row than you have requested. 


When entering groups of riders you will also need to search for your friend by AMA #, name or Livelaps #, enter their class and bike brand. Please make sure that your friends know that you are entering them, if you choose a rider that is all ready entered you will need to start over again.

NOTE: The top 10 Expert-AA class riders from 2016 have reserved spots 1 per row from 21-30 and the top 15 overall have reserved spots 1 per row from 31-45 plus additional Pro class riders from 46-55. Round 1 will have 6 riders per row but only 5 other spots available within those rows, so if you enter 6 riders together you would need to be below row 20 or after row 55.  

The PayPal platform has been up-dated to their latest version to help with credit card payment issues, the quickest method of payment is to have a PayPal account but you can use a credit card if you prefer. 

There is currently a practice event set up so you can check the system out if you like, PayPal has a min amount of .50 per entry so you will be charged that if you choose to practice. Login to your account and select the NEPG Practice Registration.

As for all events the registration is live to you can see the entries for the practice registration at and new for 2017 you can see what rows are still available on the left side of the live registration page.