NEPG Presents PADDLING with the PROS

Crow Wing River

Crow Wing River

NEPG presents PADDLING with the PROS

The 2016 Huntersville National Enduro offers a unique opportunity to have a river run on Saturday afternoon, where you can not only have some fun with your family but rub shoulders with your Sunday race competitors and your favorite pro rider in a 1-1/2 hour paddle down the Crow Wing River.

The Huntersville Canoe Outfitters are located right at the national enduro staging area, so it will just be a short bus ride up river to launch and then a 1-1/2 paddle down the Crow Wing River in a canoe, kayak or tube back to the staging area.

All of the factory teams have committed to the river run including series points leader FMF KTM’s Russell Bobbitt & Kacy Martinez, Rockstar Husqvarna’s Josh Strang, Am-Pro Yamaha’s Grant Baylor, SRT’s Steward Baylor & Cory Buttrick, Airgroup’s Nick Fahringer & Ryder Lafferty and RPM’s Drew Higgins.

All of the pro riders will be in a canoe and will need a passenger to help them navigate the river. So if you would like the opportunity to take a trip with one of them we will have a drawing for a pro passenger at 1pm at the NEPG trailer.

There is no cost for the river run other than the equipment rental from Canoe Outfitters, 2 person canoe $32, single kayaks $25, tubes $8, life jackets $1.

The bus trip up the river will start at 2pm and you should be back at the staging area before 4pm. We would like to get the Canoe Outfitters an idea of the amount of equipment that we will need, so if you plan to join us in the river run please email or txt (517) 243-3971 with a general idea of the number of people you will have with no obligation.