Grassman National Enduro Up-Date

Event news from the Ohio Woods Riders: the test sections have been modified some for the heat. They will be close to this: 4.5, 4.8, 10, 8.5, 11, 6. 
There will be a 1.4 mile "warm-up" trail section after the start, and prior to the first test. You will have some off-road transfer sections between some of the tests. There will be (2) gas stops. The first will be around 25 miles, the second around 47 miles. The 11 miler is the last A/B section, and there will be a 6 mile "A" only section at the end that is pretty fantastic. 
You will have almost 60 miles of off-road and 72 ground miles if you are an "A" rider. 
There will be a hog roast on Saturday evening sponsored by KTM and served by the Rushing Wind biker church- please donate accordingly. We'll have a good bluegrass band during and after dinner on Saturday. We'll also have food trucks on site for Sat lunch and dinner, and Sunday breakfast and lunch. Please be sure and follow the arrows from the State Route 93 exit on the interstate out to the event site. GPS routing will get you in trouble. BIG trouble if you are in a pusher motorhome, or anything bigger than a pickup truck.