2017 AMA National Enduro Supplemental Rules Posted


New rule changes are in bold text, below in an overview of the changes from 2016.

1) Womens A/B is now Womens Elite

2) All “Open” classes are 86cc-Open

3) Riders must compete in their designated or assigned skill level and may not “ride down” in AMA National Enduro, i.e., riders that compete at the “A” or “B” level in any other series or events must compete at the “A” or “B” level in AMA National Enduro. This applies to AMA and non-AMA sanctioned events. Riders determined to be riding out of class will be removed from the race results and prohibited from competing further in such class, and the class rescored. Objections to class eligibility must be supported by data and will be accepted up to 48 hours after results are posted.

4) Electronic transponder scoring will be used at National Enduros. Riders will need to purchase a transponder as this is how their score will be captured.
a. In the case that a transponder fails the official back up time will be utilized only for those riders whose transponder experienced failure.
b. Back up time will be set to the official check “key time” and be taken the instant the riders front wheel crosses the check signs.
c. Back up time will be considered official by event referee 30 minutes after results are posted.

5) Pro, Expert-AA and Women Elite results will be final 30 minutes of the final test being closed. All other class results will be final 24 Hours of the final test being closed.
a. Except for the top 3 finishers in the Pro, Expert-AA and Women Elite classes, personalized awards will ship to the rider from the series vendor instead of an awards presentation at the event.

6) In the event a rider inadvertently misses a portion of the course during a test, the average of their remaining test times will be calculated and they will be given the test time of the rider officially finishing in that average position for the test in question in addition to receiving a 1 minute 30 second penalty.