OPEN A Rider Nicolas Kutulas is the new Argentina Enduro Champion

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Article from Argentina new paper:

He is the champion of the enduro season after second place in Carlos Paz. It is his first championship in the senior A, the biggest division of the Argentine


Nicolás Kutulas had been fighting for three years as a champion of the Argentine enduro, but he was not given. One year after another he ended up chewing some anger over those frustrations, which yesterday stopped being to become the biggest celebration of his sports career. The Salta broke the barrier of the escort to be crowned Argentine champion of the senior category A after the second place that obtained in the sixth date disputed in the demanding circuit of Villa Carlos Paz.



Kutulas appeared to run with fractures in the ribs due to an accident that suffered a week before in the same circuit. He was unconscious, then recovered but the fall left the painful aftermath of the fracture that in competitions of any kind generate a loss of performance.

The flaming Argentine champion faced the sixth date with that problem, put his chest to the pain and close was to get his sixth victory of the year. He went first until the fifth lap, but in the last he fell and finished crossing the finish in second place, beh


d the rival Fernando Correa, his rival in the fight for "one of the season.

"I am very happy with the championship. This is the fourth year I fight and can only be given after three sub-championships. Much happier because in this circuit of Carlos Paz I was three years ago the possibility of getting my first title; winning the championship on this circuit was an outstanding subject. Now it's only fair to celebrate, "Kutulas told El Tribuno as the test finished.

"I'm very sore from the fracture issue in the ribs. I can not cough or laugh or anything, but just as well we celebrated very well, with champagne, with the team and my family, "added Salta, who will arrive today in Salta province to continue the celebrations with his most intimate circle of friends and family.

The regularity that got Kutulas in the season was key to arrive at yesterday's celebration. He won the first five running dates in Jujuy, Bariloche, Tupungato, San Juan and Tucumán; is added the second place in Villa Carlos Paz and still has to dispute the seventh date in San Martin de los Andes on November 5.


"The triumph was what we were going to look for in all races; in training we never had problems until this date. The truth is that today (yesterday) I left calmly, I knew that I did not have to risk anything, but with the blow I had, I had to take care of myself. I did not go very crazy and luckily it was given to me, "Nico said in the midst of the festivities.
It was given the championship a date before the end of the season.


At the age of 21 he had his first big celebration and hopes to continue harvesting many more since he will continue to be linked to the enduro, discipline in which he runs from the age of four. Already received proposals to run in the cross country rally, but that decision will take when they spend a few more years.


What's left over in the year

Having fulfilled the great objective of the season 2017, Nico will face a pair of competitions more in the remainder of the year. "Now we have the Trasmontaña. We're seeing if we can run it if Husqvarna sets up an outside pilot. Then the last of the Argentino, "said Kutulas.

The 27th edition of the Trasmontaña will run between October 14 and 15 in Tucumán. The race is disputed by binomials and the Salta is waiting for the confirmation of a colleague.

By 2018 already has some projects in progress. "We are seeing if we can get to race in the World Championship and Six Days we have in Chile between September and October. That is the key objective of next season, "said the Husqvarna team's driver. Among the celebrations Nicolás already thinks how he will continue to build his race in the enduro national and international with the same work group.