KTM Race Report From The Cajun Classic

Bobbitt Prevails Through Muddy Conditions to Earn a Podium Finish at Cajun Classic National Enduro

Round 3 – AMA National Enduro Series – April 30, 2017

FOREST HILL, La. – FMF KTM Factory Racing Team’s Russell Bobbitt made his first podium appearance of the season on Sunday at the Cajun Classic National Enduro in Forest Hills, Louisiana. KTM-supported rider Steward Baylor Jr. edged out Bobbitt to claim the 2nd place position and maintain the overall points lead after three rounds of racing in the 2017 AMA National Enduro Series.

Heavy downpours on Saturday night made for interesting race conditions on Sunday and as a result, the program was shortened from seven tests down to four. SRT/KTM’s S. Baylor managed to keep himself in a steady 2nd place position all day despite the muddy conditions, while Bobbitt and his FMF KTM Factory Racing Teammate, Kailub Russell, each saw their share of struggles on the course.

Bobbitt had a rough start to the day with a 7th place finish in test one but the five-time AMA National Enduro Champion bounced back with a smooth, consistent performance in the final three tests, capturing 3rd place in each of the three tests. Bobbitt went down a couple of times in the final test but he was able to hold strong and maintain his 3rd place position through the end of the day.

Bobbitt: “The downpour overnight made for some sloppy joes out on the trail today. I knew it was going to be bad when people were getting stuck in the transfer section to the first test! I was on row 40, which had less-than-desirable rut depth. I picked good lines almost all day and only dropped the bike once in the last test. The third test was the longest and most fun section to me as it had the misty sandy soil and wasn’t as badly deteriorated. It felt good to get back on the podium.”

Kailub Russell had a good start to the day as he finished 4th in the opening test. However, the four-time GNCC National Champion went over the bars in the second test and struggled to recover from the hard crash. Despite the pain, Russell kept his head down and pushed on to finish 4th in tests two and three. In the fourth and final test, Russell got stuck and spent time pulling his bike out of the mud hole, causing him to finish 6th in test four. Despite the tough conditions, Russell was able to salvage 4th overall for the day where he now sits 3rd place in the championship standings.

Russell: “I actually felt good coming into the day and good after the first test but I went over the bars pretty hard in the second test and I struggled after that.”

SRT/KTM’s Cory Buttrick finished 6th overall for the day, while KTM-mounted riders Jesse Groemm and Chase Hayes rounded out the top ten overall.

Next Event: Round 4 – Greensboro, Georgia – June 4, 2017

Overall Results

1. Thad DuVall (HQV)

2. Steward Baylor (KTM)

3. Russell Bobbitt (KTM)

4. Kailub Russell (KTM)

5. Thorn Devlin (HQV)

6. Cory Buttrick (KTM)

7. Grant Baylor (HQV)

8. Tyler Vore (HQV)

9. Jesse Groemm (KTM)

10. Chase Hayes (KTM)


Overall Championship Standings

1. Steward Baylor Jr. (80)

2. Thad DuVall (67)

3. Kailub Russell (58)

4. Grant Baylor (57)

5. Cory Buttrick (50)

6. Russell Bobbitt (50)

7. Jesse Groemm (42)

8. Josh Toth (25)

9. Evan Smith (23)

10. Chris Bach (22)