Gas Gas Demo Rides At The Cherokee

Torrot GasGas is pleased to announce that the GasGas Test Ride Tour will be paying a visit to the Cherokee National Enduro in Greensboro, Georgia, on June 3rd. Come by the GasGas Rig with your driver’s license and throw a leg over our 2017 GasGas Enduro and Trials models on Saturday before the race.

Give the EC300 Enduro and Contact 250 Trial models a try, see the 100%-electric GasGas E-Kids bikes, and check out the latest and greatest offerings from GasGas corporate partners including Spectro, Mitas, and Rabaconda.

“We are pleased to be bringing the GasGas Test Ride Tour to the Georgia round of the National Enduro Series. The NEPG events are all first-rate, and we are excited to give National Enduro riders and enthusiasts a chance to see the New GasGas bikes in person,” said GasGas Operations Manager Mark Berg.


About Torrot GasGas North America, Inc.

Torrot GasGas North America, Inc. is a fully owned subsidiary of Torrot Electric Europa S.A., a highly innovative business group with a proven track record for success in high tech applied to its 3 business areas: smart mobility, off road motorcycle manufacturing, and smart cities. Currently, Torrot Group sells its products to more than 40 countries in 4 continents. Since acquiring GasGas in 2015 Torrot has made significant investments in the GasGas factory and the GasGas product line with a vision towards building GasGas into a major player in the global motorcycle market. Torrot has a five-year strategic plan that not only includes an aggressive product development component but also the build out of its global sales and marketing infrastructure. This includes their highly innovative line of Torrot trials and moto minicycles, e-bikes and scooters. All Torrot brand products reflect the state of the art in EV smart technology and development and are currently in production and available for retail delivery.  


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