Zink Ranch Gate & Course Up-Date


You will need to sign a release when entering the gate at the Zink Ranch. If you arrive when the gate is closed there will be an additional parking lot for you park in until the gate reopens. 

Gate hours:
Friday Oct. 13th, Noon-8pm
Saturday Oct. 14th, 7am-10pm
Sunday Oct. 15th, 6am-8pm

Course info:
Section 1, 3-mile grass track at staging area
Section 2, 7-mile woods, 1 mile "NEW"
Section 3, 8-mile woods, 1 mile "NEW"
Section 4, 8.5-mile woods, 1 mile "NEW"
Section 5, 10-mile woods, ALL "NEW"
Section 6, 8-mile woods, 1 mile "NEW"
Section 7, 8-mile woods, 1 mile "NEW"
Approx. 19-miles of transfer for the day

"C" 60+,66+ ride 5 sections
"B" A-55+,Womens Elite ride 6 sections
Pro, Expert-AA, "A" ride 7 sections

Rider support areas will be just a few miles away and will be marked with red Moose Racing arrows.