NEPG Year End Awards


The 2017 year end awards ceremony will be held directly after the final round in Stanton, Alabama. Unlike the event awards, the year end awards and prizes will be handed out at the final event of the season.

Number of awards per class is as followed: Pro (6), Expert-AA (5), A-Open (5), A-250 (5), A-200 (4), A-30 (4), A-40 (5), A-45 (4), A-50 (3), A-55 (4), B-Open (4), B-250 (4), B-200 (4), B-30 (3), B-40 (3), B-45 (4), B-50 (3), B-55 (5), C-Open (3), C-250 (3), C-200 (3), C-30 (3), C-40 (3), C-50 (3), Womens Elite (3), Womens-C (3), 60+ (3), 66+ (3) NOTE: Must attend 4 events to qualify for year end awards. 

Dinner will be catered by Bertolone Italian Cafe, serving salad, bread, penne with meatballs and drinks. 

There will be no cost to attend the awards ceremony and have dinner, so if you are receiving an award, have a friend or relative that is, all are welcome to join the celebration.