Kenda AMA National Enduro Series Class Review with 1 Round Remaining

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With 1 Round Remaining, we would like to review the contenders in each class.

There is 1 round left in the Kenda AMA National Enduro Series for 2018. It will be the Gobbler Getter National Enduro in Stanton, AL on November 4th. We would like to congratulate those that have wrapped up the championship in their class and recognize those in the running to win their class.

Overall Championship

Steward Baylor holds a 20 point lead over Josh Toth. Grant Baylor Sits in 3rd. The Final Round in Alabama will decide the 2018 National Enduro Champion.

NE PRO 2 Class

Ryder Lafferty Claims the championship in the NE PRO 2 class early. Jake Froman will finish in second place. Nathan Ferderer and Logan Lowrey are in a tight battle for third, it will be interesting between the two of them at the final round.

Ryder Lafferty NEPRO2.jpg

Overall A/ A Open

Vincent Smith has had a great year in his first season racing National Enduros. Vincent has captured the Overall A championship out of the A Open Class. A Open has Kole Henslee and Eric Douglass sitting 2nd and 3rd respectively. Look for good performances from all three of them in Alabama as they move up the ranks, you may see them in the NE Pro 2 Class soon.

vincent smith A open.jpeg

Womens Elite/ ‘Medium’ Course Length Overall

Tayla Jones has made it 2 years in a row winning the Womens Elite/ ‘Medium’ Course Overall Championship. The Australian is dominating the Womens off-road scene right now. Mackenzie Tricker and Taylor Bonecutter have found themselves in 2nd and 3rd in the Womens Elite Class. Mackenzie and Tayla have had some good battles all season and the Gobbler Getter in November will be sure to be the same.

Tayla Jones Womens Elite.jpg

AA Class Championship

Jesse Ansley from Florida has had a great season so far on his KTM 125. He has won the AA championship in a tight battle with Husqvarna Rider Ben Parsons. James King for Arkansas has his Yamaha YZ250 sitting in 3rd. Both Jesse and Ben will be ones to watch in the NE Pro 2 class next season.

Jesse Ansley AA.jpg

A 250 Championship

Nathan Rector was on fire in the A 250 Class this season. He has claimed the championship in the A 250 Class. Johnny Manera and Paul Gerhartti sitting in second and third did not make it easy for him. Nathan is looking to see if he can get one more win at Alabama in the A 250 Class.

A 200 Championship

Trale Henderson has had his KTM screaming down the trails all season. He has wrapped up the Championship in the competitive A 200 Class. Chris Cornell and Josh Luedtke are currently rounding out the podium. Good performances at the Gobbler Getter will be needed from both Chris and Josh.

Trale Henderson A 200.png

A 30+ Championship

Billy Weaver has rode his Honda CRF250 into a A 30+ National Championship this season. He has had great compitition all season from Josh Rooken-Smith, Mark Anthony, and Keith Mitchell who are all in a battle for the remaining spots on the Podium. Look for the 3 of them to be hanging it all out in Alabama to secure Podium finishes for the season.

A 40+ Championship

Steve Leivan has rode his way this season to a A 40+ Championship aboard his Sherco. Terry Yiengst has claimed the second step on the podium while Jeremy Ketchum and Scott Boyer are separated by 1 point for the final podium spot. Jeremy and Scott will both be bringing their A game to Gobbler Getter to reach the final step of the Podium.

Steve Leivan A 40+.jpg

A 45+ Championship

The A 45+ is a tight battle for the championship. Right now leading is Mike Kowalsky by 3 points over Brent Mercer. Sitting on the final step of the podium currently is Jeff Staples. The A 45+ will be exciting to watch come November 4th in Alabama.

A 50+ Championship

The A 50+ Class has yet to be decided with 1 race left. Michael Decherd holds a slight lead over Steve Bonecutter by 13 points and Billy Adkins by 14 points. It will come down to the Results of the Gobbler Getter National Enduro to decide this class between those 3 riders.

Steve Bonecutter A 50+.jpg

A 55+ Championship

Mitch McRee has been tough to beat in the A 55+ class. He has wrapped up the championship over Mike Greenman who is sitting second and Paul Traufler who is sitting in third. The A 55+ class is full of competition and will be exciting in Stanton, AL for the Gobbler Getter.

B Open Championship

Andrew Strouth and Lloyd Fry III have the final round of the Kenda AMA National Enduro Series to determine the winner of the B Open Class. Andrew holds a 3 point lead over Lloyd currently. Ivan Tulula is sitting on the final step of the Podium right now.

B 250 Championship

Chad Lafollette has rode his KTM 250XCF great all season long. That is why he has claimed the B 250 Championship with 1 race remaining winning all but 1 race so far. Sitting in second place is Joe Spivey and Thor Rick is sitting third.

B 200 Championship

Colby Davis has had a impressive run in the B 200 Class. 5 victories and a second place finish. He has claimed the B 200 Championship. Sitting in second is Anthony Leo and third place is 69 year old Stan Szlachciuk.

B 30+ Championship

Thomas Oswald has had a season so far to be proud of. Thomas has clinched the B 30+ Class Championship. Sitting in second is James Faucette and Casey Grey is currently rounding out the podium.

Thomas Oswald B 30+.jpg

B 40+ Championship

Matt Parker has put his KTM on the podium of the B 40+ Class 4 times this season. Matt’s consistency is why he has wrapped up the B 40+ Class Championship. Jeffrey Galbraith has clinched second place and currently Tilman McDaniel is sitting third. The B 40+ class will be another interesting battle in November.

Matt Parker B 40+.jpg

B 45+ Championship

The B 45+ Class has a championship up for grabs. In the running is Steve Eagler with 140 points and Craig Teffeteller with 131 points. Sitting on the final step of the podium currently is Heath Henderson with 102 Points. Coming into the final round Craig is going to be doing everything he can to make up the 9 points on Steve. Steve surely will be giving it his all to hold off the rest of the B 45+ class for the championship.

B 50+ Championship

Terry Post has a dominating performance in the B 50+ class in 2018 with a 100 point lead over second place, Dan Lichtenwalter. Terry has wrapped up the championship on his KTM. That doesn’t mean that the B 50+ class won’t be a battle at the Gobbler Getter.

Terry Post B50+.jpg

B 55+ Championship

Lloyd Fry Jr holds a 13 point lead in the B 55+ Class going into the final round. His lead is over Lee Allen. Both riders are looking to post a good result in Alabama for the Gobbler Getter National Enduro. Sitting in third in B 55+ is Eric Bumgarner with a 4 point lead over Ralph Gundrum. Those two are looking to take the final spot on the podium in B 55+.

C Open Championship

Jimmy Barrett has rode his Husqvarna 125 to a championship in the C Open Class. Look for him to be moving through the ranks soon. Sitting in second in C Open is Roy Schrade.

C 250 Championship

Riley Miller has claimed the Championship in the C 250 class aboard his YZ250X. Hayden Wilson and Kane McGee are currently rounding out the podium for the C 250 Class. The C 250 Class will be interesting in the final round of the Kenda AMA National Enduro Series.

C 200 Championship

Cade Henderson has had a great season in the C 200 class. He finished second place at both of the first two rounds. Since then Cade has won every race in the C 200 class. He is looking for one more victory in Alabama on November 4th.

C 30+ Championship

RJ Livesay has made the transition from BMX racing into Enduro Racing and has done very well. RJ has earned a C 30+ Championship in the 2018 Kenda AMA National Enduro Series. Sitting in second place is Jason Ritchie. Ronald Smith and Jonathon Kingan are tied for the final spot on the podium with 1 round to go. Look for an epic battle at the final round in the C 30+ Class.

Steve Leivan A 40+.jpg

C 40+ Championship

With 1 round to go, Jeffrey Ala has clinched the C 40+ class. Unfortunatly due to an injury Jeffrey will not be able to race in Alabama. He has had a great season this year in the C 40+ and we hope to see him back in riding shape soon. Douglas Lyons is currently sitting in the Second position in the class.

Jeff Ala C40+.JPG

C 50+ Championship

Tony Allen has put up an impressive season in the C 50+ class. Tony has taken the victory in every single race he attended in the 2018 Kenda AMA National Enduro Series. Earning 210 so far Tony has clinched the C 50+ Championship. Josh Stepanian is sitting in second place and Jeff Smith is rounding out the podium.

60+ Class Championship

Chris Fahan has put impressive numbers up in the 60+ class earning the 2018 Championship. Rick Marht is sitting in second currently and David Heath is rounding out the top 3 with 1 race remaining.

66+ Class Championship

Ted Presson has had a near perfect season in the 66+ Class. This class just proves that you are only as young as you feel. All riders in this class are 66 Years of age or older, and is one of the most competitive classes of the Kenda AMA National Enduro Series. Sitting in second place is Lynn Plog and sitting third currently is Roger Maehler.

Womens C Championship

Alexis Phillips has worked hard all season long and it has paid off. Alexis and claimed the Womens C Class Championship. Earning second place is Claudia Dainelewicz and third is Kimberly Gray. Alexis is looking for 1 more win in the Womens C class in 2018, but it will not be easy the other women in that class want a win in Alabama just as badly.

Alexis Phillips Womens C.jpg