Gobbler Getter Awards Information

The Perry Mountain Club has come up with some awesome Podium awards for the Season Finale Gobbler Getter National Enduro in Stanton, AL on November 4th. There is a Large Carved Wood Turkey up for grabs for the Overall Champion of the race. There are also smaller ones along with Turkey Feather Fans for the rest of the Podium finishers.

Gobbler Getter Turkey Craving.jpg

In addition to the traditional Podium awards that we do for National Enduro Events, Perry Mountain will be giving away Turkey Feather Fans to the Overall A, Overall B, and Overall C Champions of the race. So if you are in the running for one of those positions please be around for the Podium Presentation.

Gobbler Getter Turkey Fan.jpg

Following the Gobbler Getter Podium awards Presentation will be the Year-end awards dinner. This is free for anyone to join and have food and watch the trophy presentations. Please stick around to receive your award or have someone you know there grab it for you. The awards will not be easily shipped, so to prevent damage picking it up at the event is the best option.

Saturday Night there will be a live Band playing at the staging grounds from 6pm to 10pm.