Course Information for Cherokee National Enduro on July 8th


The Cherokee National Enduro is shaping up to be an awesome event! This is a race that you will not want to miss. The Cherokee Enduro Club has been working hard to produce a great layout that will challenge you, but also be a blast to ride. Mother Nature has been doing her part by watering the clay based soil for ultimate traction. By the time July 8th rolls around the weather will be perfect and the trails will be epic. 

The club has laid out approximately 83 miles for you to enjoy. They have designated 2 gas availables with approximately 33 miles between each. Everyone will get an extra section than you are used to doing at the Kenda AMA National Enduro Series. The C cutoff will come after 5 Tests, the B cutoff will come after 6 Tests, and the Pro, AA, and A Classes will run 7 Tests. Below is an Approximation of each Sections Distances. 

Section 1- 7.0 miles

Section 2- 5.5 miles

Section 3- 9.5 miles

Section 4- 8.3 miles

Section 5- 5.2 miles

Section 6- 7.1 miles

Section 7- 6.0 miles

Wouldn't this be a really cool Overall Trophy?

Wouldn't this be a really cool Overall Trophy?