Featured Product Friday- SKF XP-Pro Kit for Xpolr Fork


The XP-Pro Mid/Base Valve Pro kit upgrades the function of the compression leg of a WP X-PLOR fork.  The original configuration lacks low-speed compression adjustability (fixed shims setting with no bypass) and the OE mid valve is not efficient in controlling high-speed, high-flow compression strokes. Our kit brings low-speed adjustability with a new base valve equipped with a bypass circuit controlled by ports and additional shims to upgrade the OE compression stack to offer better control.  It also includes a new mid valve with completely different internals designed to offer a more traditional high speed flow control through piston ports and a shim stack.

Skf 1.jpg

The XP-Pro Kit is made to upgrade the Xplore Forks that come on KTM XCW/XCFW Models and Husqvarna TE/FE Models. This kit will upgrade the way that your forks will handle, making them smoother and more balanced. It will also offer you more adjustability to allow you to dial in your front suspension even better. 

Check out the SKF XP-Pro Kit for your Xplore forks. Get your machine ready to tackle the various terrains that the Kenda AMA National Enduro Series has to offer.  

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