Year End Awards Presentation at Season Finale in Alabama

Densmore- Grand Champion Mirror.jpg

The NEPG will have our Annual Series Awards Presentation at the Final Round of the season in Stanton, AL on Nov. 4th. The year end awards, AMA #1 plates and lots of prizes will be handed out directly after the event podium awards (NE Pro1,NE Pro2, Womens Elite, A,B,C Overall. The individual class awards for the Gobbler Getter event will be mailed to you just like we have done at the previous events.

Since it is daylight saving time weekend, the clocks will get set back Saturday night, so we will start the event at 8-am Sunday morning instead of our usual 9-am. We are estimating starting the series awards presentation around 3-pm. Please come join us to celebrate the achievements of all of the riders.

The Awards Presentation is open to everyone if you are receiving an award or not, feel free to bring the family. We will be serving pizza, salad, soft drinks and Ice Cream, before and during the awards presentation.

The number of awards that will be handed out per class are listed as follows: NE Pro1 (5), NE Pro2 (5), Womens Elite (3), AA (6), A Open (8), A 250 (7), A 200 (3), A 30+ (5), A 40+ (6), A 45+ (7), A 50+ (5), A 55+ (3), B Open (5), B 250 (5), B 200 (3), B 30+ (5), B 40+ (3), B 45+ (4) B 50+ (2), B 55+ (7), C Open (3), C 250 (3), C 200 (1), C 30+ (4), C 40+ (1), C 50+ (3), 60+ (4), 66+ (3), Womens C (3). NOTE: Must attend a minimum of 5 events to qualify for awards.