Featured Product Friday- E-Line Accessories 2 Stroke Pipe Guards

E-Line Accessories 2 Stroke Carbon Fiber Exhaust Pipe Guards


E-Line accessories specialize in Carbon Fiber Protection. They make strong lightweight products to keep your offroad racing machine protected. WHY CHOOSE ELINE? With over 25 years experience in the carbon fiber protection industry, their goal at E Line Accessories is to develop, test, and manufacture the world’s most premium carbon fiber composite off-road accessories available. They pride themselves on the best fit and finish products for your enjoyment, PERIOD!

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One of the products that E-Line excels in is the 2 Stroke Carbon Fiber Exhaust Pipe Guards. They are precision molded to fit your Exhaust pipe perfectly. The E-Line pipe guard will help keep your pipe free from dents and dings that can easily happen in the offroad racing of the National Enduro Series. E-Line Accessories makes a pipe guard for most current makes and models. Go to elineaccessories.com to find the Pipe Guard for your bike.

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