Beta Racing Muddobbers Report

National Enduro Championship Series Round 9 Overview:

Location: Matthews, Indiana

Beta Factory Race Team Results:

• Mike Witkowski placed 13th in the Pro 1 class and is currently in 11th place in the overall point standings.

• Cody Barnes placed 7th in the Pro 2 class while racing his Beta 125 RR and competing for the first time at a National Enduro event.


Beta 300RR Race Edition

"The National Enduro in Indiana this past Sunday couldn't have been any better conditions! My riding felt really good all day but weird luck set me back from achieving one of my best rides this year. One of the things I've learned from this race is never give up. First test we had a little issue and I lost a lot of time. After that first test I put a charge on in the second test and third test and I was back up in the top ten, but in test four and six I had another issue that would hinder my day end result. I was super happy with my Beta 300 and how comfortable I felt on it all day. Although our end result wasn't there with some bad luck on our side, we had a great time and showed we will be a contender the remaining rounds!"

Shan Moore Photo

Shan Moore Photo


Beta 125RR Race Edition

"My first ever National Enduro was a very big learning experience for me. With never doing any type of enduro racing before I didn't know really what to expect. I did pretty good in the first 3 test, and was in contention for a top 5 finish, but I made some big mistakes in Test 4 and 6 losing a lot of time due to those. A big thing I learned from doing this race was how every little second counts and how a small mistakes can cost you a position. I really like the race style, and the track, so I am looking forward to bettering myself and improving my results. Overall I think the event was a good learning experience for me and now I know what I need to work on in order to prepare myself for next year. "

Shan Moore Photo

Shan Moore Photo

It was a great weekend for Beta USA Support rider Rachel Gutish!

Gutish had a 3rd place podium finish in the Women's Elite class at the National Enduro event and is currently in 10th place, in the series points standings, after only racing the one event.


Beta 350 RR Race Edition

"I had a great time at the Muddobbers National Enduro! It's been years since I've competed in a National Enduro, but since it was just a few hours from home I decided to go at the last minute. Due to my late sign-up, I was assigned Row 111, which was a little sketchy, especially in some of the water crossings. Despite going for an unexpected swim in a mud hole early in Test 4, I managed to pull together for a third place finish!"