Recommended Kenda Tire for Alligator National Enduro and 4-Stroke Head Pipe Wrapping Tips

Recommended Kenda Tire for Alligator National Enduro


For the Alligator AMA National Enduro in Florida, the Southwick II is the recommended tire. The Southwick II with it tall aggressive knobs and open tread design, will get great traction in the deep sand at this location. The alternate tire would be the Millville II, with its directional tread. The Millville II installed in the aggressive direction will get traction in conditions like sand and loam. The Kenda rider support boxes will be available, they will be at the first and second gas truck. If you get a flat during the race, the boxes contain Kenda Tuff-Tubes, bike stand, tools, tire spoons and air compressor. The tubes are on the honor system, just stop by after the race and pay for them. The support boxes are for all the riders regardless of tire brand you run. Trackside Support LLC the trackside vendor for Kenda tires will have a selection of Kenda tires and tubes. They also has bib mousses, if you prefer to not run tubes. You can reserve your tires at or call Tim at (248) 431-7506 before 10 PM EST. Mounting is available on Saturday, we specialize in bibs and can handle most inserts. Kenda youth tires and Tuff-Tubes will also be available. Stop by the big Kenda arch and say hello. We also stock wear parts, plugs, sprockets, chain, brakes, bearings, filters, levers, etc, in case you forgot something. We will have some rolls of heat wrap in case you forget.

Tips for wrapping your 4-Stroke Head Pipe with a Heat Shield Wrap.

wrapped head pipe.jpg

If you don’t have much experience with heat wrapping your 4-stroke exhaust, here are some tips:

1. Wrap from joint where header pipe enters muffler to collet where header connects to cylinder head.

2. Make sure the header pipe is clean.

3. Removing the header pipe makes this easier, you can do it without removing the pipe.

4. You might want to use thin gloves if you are allergic to fiberglass.

5. Depending on the bike, using 1” wide wrap you will use 20 to 25 feet. Typically, I just cut a 50-foot roll in half.

6. Soak the wrap in water, this makes for a tighter fit when dry and it does make install easier.

7. It works best if you do the wrap in continuous piece.

8. You should have some stainless tie wraps or safety wire, to hold the wrap in place.

9. Start at the rear end of header pipe, make a full wrap and then overlap half a wrap for the rest of the pipe. This way the pipe will be still protected if top layer is damaged.

10. A spring clamp makes a great 3rd hand, to hold the wrap while you secure it.

11. Put tie on the start or you can wrap it with a couple of wraps of safety wire.

12. If you have a sub chamber make a full wrap, then on the next wrap include the sub chamber over lapping each wrap. The end caps will not be covered.

13. If you have a mega bomb it takes a little patience to wrap the curved surface of the chamber, I do a full wrap and then a diagonal wrap to the front of the bomb. Then crisscross the wrap until bomb is covered, then resume the overlapping wraps.

14. You are going to want at least 4 ties or safety wire wraps, start, 1/3, 2/3, end.

15. Use a full wrap at the end as close to cylinder head as possible, finish with a tie or safety wire.

16. It is going to smoke bad, you will want to make sure all the moisture is out of the tape.