Featured Product Friday- XC Gear Spurs Footpegs

xcgear spurz.png


Spurz Foot Peg Technology

SPURZ Footpegs are an “out of the box”, big thinking, way to approach footpegs. Before SPURZ, footpegs were, for the most part, just a grippy surface for your feet. Some are exotic metals, others have pretty colors but they all are a grippy surface for your feet.

SPURZ are very different. They are proven to reduce fatigue, absorb vibration and provide additional cushioned travel and flexing for your feet.

The foot platform of the SPURZ is completely isolated from any metal-to-metal contact with the other parts of of the motorcycle. The engineered polymers that the foot platform is riding on compress upon impact and they allow slight fore and aft movement of the feet, as well as, additional flexing. You select the polymer level that’s right for your type of riding.

Installing SPURZ is a positive step toward protecting your feet, ankles, knees, hips, spine and neck.

To learn more about XC Gear and their Spurz Footpegs visit xcgear.com