Beta Race Report From The Alligator




Bike: Beta 250 RR Race Edition


"I got off to a good start and was in the top 5 after the first test. I found myself in the third place spot after the second test, and I wasn't far off the second place position. The times were tight as the day went on, but after test 5 I had worked my way into second place and I was in contention for the win. During the last test I just made to many mistakes trying to over ride and it cost me. I dropped to the 3rd place spot. I am happy with how I rode, I just need to work on minimizing my mistakes. My Beta 250 RR was working awesome all day and handled everything the track had to throw at it. I am improving every  enduro and am looking forward to the rest of the series." 



Bike: Beta 300 RR Race Edition


"The day started out pretty well in the technical Florida palmetto roots. The National Enduro crew did well on the layout of the course, but some faulty marking allowed for a lot of other riders to unintentionally cut big sections of the course during the first test. I followed the arrows and stayed on track all weekend and just rode smart. This track was very technical and tricky. If you made a mistake it would definitely take you out in a snap. I was happy with my riding. I just didn't go fast enough where it counted. I ended the race 5th in Pro 1 and battled all day for 4th. Onto the GNCC this weekend to do battle! Thanks Beta team for all the support."