Amateur Rider Spotlight- Scott Boyer- A 40+ Class

Shan Moore Photos

Shan Moore Photos


Name: Scott Boyer

Age: 43

Hometown: Wentzville, Missouri

Local Series: Missouri hare scramble series

Class: A 40+

Bike: 2019 Beta 250rr

Sponsors: Kenda, Bonecutter Beta, Fly, Motorex , HBD graphix

Small description as to why you chose to race the Kenda AMA National Enduro Series: I like the format of the Enduros and racing all the other riders from all over the country.

Your favorite race so far: I really like the Missouri round at Park Hills but the the Oklahoma round is a close 2nd.

Favorite moment on the National Enduro Series: Finishing 3rd Overall for the season in the A 40+ class in 2018

Goals for the Season: To finish top 3 in A 40+ class in 2019.