Amateur Rider Spotlight- Broc French- A 200

Shan Moore Photo

Shan Moore Photo


Shan Moore Photo

Shan Moore Photo

Name: Broc French

Age: 30

Hometown: Otterville, MO

Local Series: Midwest Off Road Events and Hillbilly Grand Prix

Class: A 200

Bike: 2018 Beta 125 RR

Sponsors (if applicable): Bonecutter Off Road, Shockzone Suspension Services, FASST Company, Custom Outfitters, SXS, Kenda Tires, Bulletproof Designs, SourceMX Graphics, FXR Moto, X Brand Goggles, Sidi boots, and Mobius braces.

Small description as to why you chose to race the Kenda AMA National Enduro Series:

I chose to race the Kenda AMA National Enduro Series because I enjoy traveling across the country to test my endurance and bike on different terrains, while racing alongside some of America’s best riders. I feel that racing with athletes from all over the nation helps me improve my speed and skills, which I can then utilize in my local series. My wife and I (and soon-to-be racing buddy, coming in May) look forward to these races each month because it is like we get a mini vacation to enjoy each other, the sport, and the great outdoors.

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Your favorite race so far:

I have been following the NEPG series for three years now, and even though it has not occurred for this season yet, my favorite race that is consistently in the series is the Crossfork, PA event. The scenery is killer and the Brandywine Enduro Riders do a fantastic job providing food and entertainment for the riders. In addition, each year I get to meet up with two of my closest buddies from the Air Force who come camp and provide rider support for me during the event.

Favorite moment on the National Enduro Series:

My favorite moment thus far in the NEPG series was getting a class podium finish at the Alligator Enduro this season in Florida conditions, which are completely opposite of the Missouri rocks that I am used to racing.

Goals for the Season:

Initially going into this season, my goals were to win the Beta Cup and an A 200 class championship. However, due to recently being tasked to deploy overseas, I will miss the last three rounds of the series. Therefore, my goals have changed. First and foremost, I want to just enjoy my time traveling across the country with my wife and new son while racing my bike.  Secondly, my goal is to place within the top three in class for the remaining rounds that I will be able to attend.

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