Amateur Rider Spotlight- Trevor Hulin- Schoolboy 14-16



Name:  Trevor Hulin

Age:  16

Hometown: Carencro, LA

Local Series:  Southern Enduro Riders Association (SERA), Louisiana Cross Country (LACC)

Class:  Schoolboy 14-16

Bike: KTM 250 XC

Sponsors:  XC Gear, Cycle Gear, Suomy, SCR, Mika, O’Neal, Rekluse, Leatt, Nitro Mousse, Lectron, Fastlap, Backyard Designs, BTO, Pro Circuit, Viral Brand



Small description as to why you chose to race the Kenda AMA National Enduro Series:

I was 1st place overall in Junior Class in both SERA & LACC for 2018.  I was 9th overall in SERA out of all classes.  I wanted to challenge myself on a more competitive scale at a national level.  When I was 9 years old, I remember being at my first National Enduro.  Even though I was not old enough for the adult race, I was able to do the Saturday Kids race that SERA put on.  I was able to stand on the same podium the PRO’s use.  That was my first experience with a National Enduro and it was awesome. 


Your favorite race so far:

Sumter was a blast until I knocked myself out by hitting a tree in the 4th test section.


Favorite moment on the National Enduro Series:

Winning 1st place in my class at Perry Mountain Gobbler Getter in 2018.  I also enjoy walking around and meeting the PRO’s.


Goals for the Season:

Continue to better myself in riding and always do my best.  To win the Schoolboy Class for 2019.