Beta Race Report from the Little Raccoon



Bike: 300 RR

"The National Enduro this weekend was held in Wellston,OH. I currently live only an hour from this track so I was excited for it. The terrain was very similar to what I normally ride. I had a complete blast at this track and was all smiles all day long. I ended up sticking around the 5th overall position all day with only one major mishap where I got off track and lost a lot of time. Other then that I had a fast last test time with 3rd overall. It was satisfying to know at the end I had the speed for the podium spot. Its just tough putting six test times together like that. All in All, it was a great time and an even better track. Big thanks to the NEPG group for laying out a fun course. So far this was my favorite all year. Also thanks to all the team partners and sponsors that make this all happen. The Beta 300-RR was epic all day!"