Airgroup Bounty Raises To $4,000 For The LA Black Coal


Airgroup Radiant  Racing continues to raise the bounty by $1,000 each event for the rider to win all 6 tests at a single event, that will put the bounty at $4,000 for the September 15th LA Black Coal National Enduro in Lynnville Indiana.

“Airgroup Bounty “Spoiler” Set At $500 for the LA Black Coal National”



The BOUNTY has reached $4,000 at Rnd 9 and a single rider “overalls” 5 (of the 6) NEPG scored  tests, but another rider (aka “The Spoiler”) “overalls” 1 (of the 6) NEPG scored test and spoils the  nice payday, Airgroup will award $500.00 to “The Spoiler” for their hard work.