Big Muskie Info

The ZTR crew is working hard to give you a fun, but challenging National Enduro course. The Ohio terrain will give the riders a wide variety of surfaces to contend with. Riders will encounter a little bit of everything. The course will have miles of twisty single-track, medium hill climbs, solid rock creek bottoms, grass track, some big timber, and even some rocks!

There will be three brand new single-track transfer sections to get the blood pumping before hitting the first 7 mile test section!

Pros and A riders will have an 11 mile “tie-breaker” section at the end of the day that will be worthy of their skill-sets!  ZTR will have a spectator area set-up in the midst of the 11 mile section that will allow spectators to see the riders on three different points of the loop. 

Soft terrain tires are usually the tire of choice. ZTR’s tire choice: Kenda Washougal sticky or Millville sticky front, and Kenda Millville sticky rear.

GO-PRO helmet-cam pre-view ride video coming soon!!