Bobbitt Talks About His Sandlapper Win

Click To EnlargeThis past weekend was the first AMA National Enduro for 2011 and it was a great race to kick off the series! I rode an awesome race and put my FMF/KTM out front and finished that way. This weekend definately didn’t come easy as I had my own problems during the week prior. While practicing on Tuesday I crashed on a moto track and knocked my self unconscious. Donny Macan was out with me and said I was out for 10 seconds, but I lost memory for the next 6 hours. I just remember driving to the track and waking up in the hospital. Needless to say it wasn’t the way I had wanted the week leading up to my first National to go! The following days after the crash I had to do some serious recovery and see my chiropractor for my back and ribs, my dentist for my chipped tooth, and a neurologist for his input. After I had all of that sorted out I put my focus back into what I had planned on doing in the first place. Going and putting forth 100% effort into the weekend. My headaches slowly went away and the aches and pains dissolved before Sunday. My new mechanic Tanner Harding got my bike dialed in for the race and it ran awesome and performed solid! I chose to run a Dunlop 51 front for the the hard base under the top layer of sand in pelion and a MX 31 rear for digging. The day went on to be a super fun course with flowing fast and tight sandy singletrack. There were some sections with tight pine thickets, but most of it just felt like all the corners connected really well. I had some trouble in the 4th special test and lost some time to Brad and Mike, but they also put in a killer ride in there. Mike also put in a great ride in the 5th special. I would come back with a strong final section that was a combination of the previously run 2nd and 3rd special test combined. It was well beat and you could charge as hard as you wanted. I was extremely happy with the results when the day was over and was really just happy to be healthy and able to ride. My mom and dad helped me out at all the pit stops and were a big support in getting me through the weekend. Congrats to Brad and Mike for great rides and a thanks to the club for a great race!