Brad Bakken Race Report

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Brad Bakken Race Report

National Enduro Rad Dad Enduro Tennessee


The Rad Dad National Enduro in Tennessee is known for its hard packed and slick conditions. The Friday before the race it poured - getting around 4 inches of rain, so I got my goggles prepped for the mud and was ready to go!


I had a good first test ending up the 5th fastest. Overall the ground was great in the tight woods sections, but the faster open sections were muddy with tons of puddles. I rode horribly in the third and fourth tests and I kept getting stuck in vines, trees, and mud holes.

Going into the last two tests I know I had to do some damage control. I rode more consistently for the 5th and 6th sections and ended with the 6th fastest time in both sections. I ended up 8th overall for the day and I’m disappointed in my performance as a whole but it is giving me motivation to work harder next time. I am still 5th in the points however and still on the hunt to move forward.