Cole Kirkpatrick Texas Race Report

The Lone Star enduro started out great for me.  I won the first test with a minor rear brake issue.  The first test was very high-speed and loaded with mesquite trees to keep you on your toes.  After the first test my dad and the rest of the crew changed out the rear brake master cylinder and I was ready for the second test.  I fell over in the third corner of the grass track in the second test and then rebounded to have the second fastest time behind Charlie.  My brakes were still giving me fits and before the third test I ran a different caliper.  I tied Charlie for the fastest time in the third test which was an awesome sand track close to camp.  After the first gas stop I had amped myself up to make up some time on Charlie.  I rode awesome in the fourth test and made up nine seconds on Charlie.  I was pumped!  Charlie was leading by a small margin heading into the fifth section known as “Rambo.”  I was riding great at the beginning of the section and as I made my way into “Dave’s Cave” I found myself stuck behind a bottleneck.  A rider had gotten stuck on the wet rocks and there was no room to slide by.  I sat still for almost a minute and finally was able to move forward again.  My race was just about done at this point and it was just a case of bad luck.  It wasn’t the riders fault in front of me.  He did everything that he could to try to make room and get up the rock ledge.  I was really bummed at the end of this section because I had given up almost a minute and a half of time to everyone in this section and I knew that it would be hard to get that back.  I settled down after the second gas and was determined to have the fastest time through the final special test.  I felt that I rode really strong but my time was slow.  I could feel myself getting fatigued but I kept pushing.  When the scores were posted I had moved from 2nd to 7th in a matter of two tests.  That goes to show how close the racing had become on the national enduro circuit.  I was super happy to have won two special test on the day and to me that was a feat in itself.  I slowed in the last test and that set me back further than I was after “Rambo.”  I want to thank all of the LTR club members for laying out a great course and also cheering me on all day long.  I really wanted to get a win for you guys!  Also, Neil Tucker, Jake Tucker, Tony Schertz, Doug Cunningham, Emily Dickens, Josh Putman, my Dad and my mom for helping me with bike work, food, and support all day long.  You all made my day easier.  My brother Cameron had some awesome test times today!  He was fourth fastest through the third test by camp.  It was really interesting to see the scores today.  It’s amazing how the different terrain suites different riders.  I would love to see more clubs out west apply for nationals in the future.  To those of you that raced today, I hope that you all finished well and safely!

Thanks to: KTM, SMS Racing, Cycle Shack of Lubbock, Moose Racing, FMF, Enduro Engineering, Dunlop, Clockwork, Ride PG, Motorex, Renthal, Kriega, and Ossur/CTI2.

I will have photos up as soon as they become available.

Thanks for reading!