Cory Buttrick Injured

Hello everyone, I'm sure that most of you know my fun weekend of local racing at Fastraxx Motoplex did not go acordding to plan. Luckily now though I'm just extremely sore with a few broken bones and have a some good weeks of healing to do.

The week started off just like every other one, getting home from the Michigan National Enduro on Monday and went straight to work on the issues I had there and started prepping my brand new Beta 450RR! I have been patiently waiting on my oppurtunity to ride the 450 for awhile and my time came Friday evening for the first night of supercross racing . 

It was a smooth evening with no issues and got the win in the 250 and Open Pro Class. Saturday morning and afternoon went the same way, winning the Light Weight A and Open A class. I knew I had my work cut out for me Saturday night at the supercross when Thomas and Gibson both beat me to the first turn. Then half way through the lap they turned a double-double into a triple-single into the corner. They gained around a hundred feet on me. It took me about the rest of the lap to get back on to Gibson's rear wheel, I knew at that point if I wanted any chance of winning I was going to have to pull the trigger and do the same triple-single rhythm. We came around to it and jumped in to the corner, hit the rut and gave it everything I had. I knew right away I was coming up short, I think I hit the skid plate on the landing and immediately slammed my chest into the bars and then bucked me off. I did the best I could to tuck my right shoulder to roll, but It probably didn't help, the damage was done. 

When the crash was over I was pretty sure I was fine, my right shoulder and wrist really hurt and just had the wind knocked out of me of course. I tried to stand up and then felt my chest crack, I got sick and dizzy very quickly. We decided my family should just drive me to the hospital, so I hopped on the golf cart with Mackie and Dbutt.. My pain then went up a gear or two, I felt as if I was going to pass out. My whole body got so tingly and went numb. I couldn't move my fingers, arms or legs. We quickly decided to hop in the ambulance to take the ride to Athens. 

Things went fairly quickly there getting my CT scans quickly and the doctor kept popping in and out saying the results were coming back good! The next time he came in however, he said the chopper will be here in 20 minutes to take you to Grant Hospital (in Columbus). He then said the sternum is cracked in the middle, the ribs are all broken around it. The lungs are torn away from the rib cage, so they are physically torn open on top of them, and collapsed. I always thought it would be cool to ride in a helicopter, man I was wrong. It was the most terrible 30 minutes of my life. Mostly because they tie you down so tightly to the stretcher, you cannot move your arms, or any other body part. So the entire time my nose itched so badly from the vibrations, (those things vibrate like you wouldn't believe) I couldn't itch it! Besides the pain in your head, tail bone and pelvis on the back board. Things happened very quickly once we got there, I was by far the most scarring part going into the trauma room with 30 doctors and nurses ripping your clothes of and asking you questions while x-raying you and doing CT scans. So finally after about ten more CT scans I got to go to bed around 4 A.M. and was woke back up at 7 for more scans! Those continued to go on the following day till about 7PM. By then my lungs were stabilized and no longer collapsing and taking on more air than they should, so I was free to go! 
I just have to deal now with being slow, shallow breath's and not moving my shoulders! I'll be going back there Monday, for some more scans and x-rays. Hopefully then I will have a better timeline for a release date. For now they are saying 8 weeks on the ribs and sternum, which I guess I took a pretty big chunk out of. I'm going now to see my long time friend, and fellow "A" class racer Dr. Stephen Thaxton. He has performed miracles on me before, and it's time for another! I will do another blog after I come back from the hospital on Monday to see what they have to say.

Thank you to everyone for their continuos thoughts and prayers!! I appreciate each and everyone of them and for helping me get through this bump in the road!!!