DirtWise "Future Improvement" Award - National Enduro

  Press Release - Oct 8

 DirtWise "Future Improvement" Award winner announced.


DirtWise Academy of Offroad Riding schools and Instructional DVDs have announced that the winner of the DirtWise "Future Improvement" Award for the 2013 National Enduro race season is Neil Enman, the first place rider in the C 200 class. This award entitles Neil to attend a future two day In-Depth DirtWise school free of charge so as to continue help him further his riding skills improvement.

DirtWise owner, and former legendary Offroad racer, Shane Watts enthused, "We are so stoked to be working closely with the NEPG to be able to provide this great opportunity to Neil, who has shown a lot of determination and commitment to achieve his awesome results this year. I can't wait for him attend our next DirtWise school so as we can thoroughly work with him to quickly refine his skills so as to fast track his progression through the higher level classes that now lay ahead of him. It is such a pleasure to see the huge improvements that all students gain by the completion of just two days of our highly acclaimed schools - it is so satisfying to give all of our students the opportunity to achieve so many breakthrough moments!!!"

Over 50 DirtWise schools are conducted nationwide throughout the USA each year, with more than 1,000 graduating students. To find the nearest DirtWise school and sign-up, please visit www.shanewatts.com  or email dirtwise@shanewatts.com