Donate A Toy And Have A Chance To Win A Set of Kenda Tires

  Once again the Brandywine Enduro Riders will be collecting toys for a Christmas in July event for the Toys for Tots.

Last year over 200 toys were donated which was great but we are sure that we can do better this year..

Anyone who donates a toy will be entered to win one of many Kenda tires. 

Here are some details of the preferred types of donations. If you need more information the link is below. 

Q : What kind of toys can I donate? 
A : New, unwrapped toys preferably around the $10 or above price range. It is unsafe to distribute dangerous or dirty toys that could cause injury or illness to a child.

Q : What ages of children are eligible to receive toys? 
A : National rules and guidelines permit distribution of toys to children from 0 up to 13 years of age.

Q : What kinds of toys are not allowed? 
A : Toys with military theme. Toys related to weapons/law enforcement type toys. Toys with candy. Used toys. No chemicals (i.e. experimental labs, acid, crystal projects, etc.). The Toys For tots program do not allow these toys. The Toys For Tots of the Marine Corps reserve will not distribute toys fitting this description that are donated to the program to children. Instead, these toys will be donated to another charity organization.

Toys for Tots