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Pre Race Season Update- Feb. 2011

February 13th, 2011

One week down before I am back to racing this year. I just returned east from training in California for a month and I feel good. My mind, body, and bike are ready to race, what more can I say. Actually, I am taking the weekend leading into the opener off from all constructive race activities. This isn’t by plan, but I am confident enough in my preparation that I am not stressed. I am shopping for an upgraded race hauler this weekend after my trusty ‘96 that has become so notorious for breaking down on me had to be retired. As of Saturday night, I am still on the lookout for a newer-used extended van.

I spent the last month riding some great northern California trails and motocross tracks to dial in my riding. I spent some time focusing on my technique and gained a lot of confidence in my riding. My fitness has improved since I left home thanks to running miles in the mountains, training with a large rock, and running ol’ rusty up a hill. Ol’ rusty is a wheelbarrow with a load of rock and timber. I am strong right now, have no doubt about it. My time out there was grueling at times, but when I would call back east and hear about the weather and how un-eventful things were, I was reminded how awesome it is to work so hard in a great atmosphere towards my goals of winning.

It was sad to leave the perfect weather and terrain. I even think the food in California is worlds better than in the places I end up back east. The only downfall was running out of water at the house my last day out there. So my apologies to the crew in the Husaberg shop for sending a dirty motorcycle to them. Next weekend is round 1 of the OMA series and the following weekend is round 1 of the NEPG National Enduro Series. Look for me out at the races and stay tuned for more regular updates to the site between races.