Hunter Williams Race Report

Williams / Photo by ShawThe Sandlapper National was a top pick from my "favorites" list of last year's races. So I knew that this past weekend was going to be great! Saturday we pulled up to the race while it was raining and got stuck trying to get out of one of the fields. Thanks Thad for helping us get out! But we decided to go ahead and sign up and then head to the hotel where Dad could prepare the bike on more solid ground.

Sunday morning it was cool out and cloudy but there was hope for the sun to show. Test 1 was really slippery since the kids raced it in the rain the previous day, and it took a few miles to get adjusted. Test 2 was way better because it wasn't quite as nasty as Test 1. Test 3 was by far the best one of them all - it flowed everywhere. Test 4 was about the same as test 3 just longer. Test 5 - wow! That sucker was fast! Fourth gear wide open dodging stumps and logs. It was a little hairy at first when I got into all that, but I felt more comfortable after I focused more and more on the trail ahead. We had already ridden part of Test 6 in one of the earlier tests, and it was pretty rough! Some pretty bad holes and roots that could throw you off pretty quick.

It was an amazing race and the conditions were perfect! Thanks to the club members for putting on a great race! I came away with a 13th Overall in another loaded field and felt pretty good about it.

Also a big thanks to everyone that is supporting me this season! And special thanks to Mom and Dad for taking care of me all day!

See everyone in Tennessee!

Hunter Williams