Hunter Williams Race Report

 The Rad Dad National Enduro was absolutely perfect conditions! It was cool on Saturday when we arrived but on race morning it seemed to be a lot sunnier and  warmer.      Off the start we had a 2 mile transfer to get us going. Section 1 was around 8 miles long. I struggled with some arm pump for half the test which caused a few  mistakes but nothing major. Section 2 was only 5 miles and was more technical  and tighter. Section 3 was really fun - it was around 9 miles of faster flowing  pine trees that seemed to be out to get you if you did not dodge them fast enough! After Section three Dad changed my back brake assembly to Tyler Trammell's  back-up set because my master cylinder was leaking. During Section 4 about 4  miles into the 13-mile section I lost back brakes. I seemed to be boiling them because they would just fade in and out. It cost me a little time and dumping  the bike here and there, but I stayed in the chase. We changed to another back-up from Steward Baylor after that section. Thanks to William Trammell and  Steward Baylor for the help!Section 5 was pretty fast - a little too fast I thought but still pretty fun. Then the A test. Section 6 was a gnarly slick root covered trail! We crossed a  creek about 6 times it seemed like and it was so slick! You really had to be on  your toes coming up to them! It was my best section of the day. Overall it was a  great day of racing! Finished 17th OA with a decent ride. More training and seat  time to get where I want to be this year!Thanks to everyone that supports me through the 2012 season!

See everyone at  Round 5 at the Cajun Classic!