Hunter Williams Sandlapper Report

NEPG Sandlapper National Enduro
February 27th, 2011

Hey gang, been busy with school and training since the Sandlapper so sorry for the delay in the race report.

I always like the Sandlapper because of the loamy dirt and the terrain. I was pretty excited that morning because I had worked pretty hard to be ready for my first National, and the weather was perfect. I also knew I had a well-prepped bike by KTMWorld and my Dad, so that was cool too. I just didn't know how good the day was gonna end.

The first few sections were fun and not too long. The 1st test was 6 miles and open and flowing. We could rip it through there so I started 9th OA. The 2nd test tightened up a bit, where I slipped a little to the Top 10 guys, and then climbed back in with the 3rd test. It was supafast for an enduro and was a fun 8 miles.

After the gas we had a long 16-miler, then a shorter 8 mile test. I backed off a little in the 5th test expecting a possible 19-miler for the 6th and final Pro/A test. It turned out the last one was only 12 miles, so I gave up a little time in the 5th test.

But overall an awesome day and best finish ever at a National. Won OA Amateur and Open A, and got 12th OA! Got to celebrate with a big brownie and ice cream (thanks Cass!).

Looking forward to the 'Gator and General. Then on to Luziana!

Thanks for your support!


Jeff, Geneath, and Hunter Williams