Husaberg Race Report

Mike Lafferty / Click to enlargeLafferty Podiums at Bismarck National Enduro

Husaberg Factory riders Mike Lafferty and Nick Fahringer finished 3rd and 4th respectively at the fifth round of the AMA National Enduro Series held in Bismarck, AR.

The course was tough to tackle for the riders as rain the week prior had left the course very sloppy with large mud holes on the heavily wooded mostly single track course.

Lafferty, who had a mechanical problem keep him from a podium position at the round prior, was back up front from the beginning of the race through the end. “Mike was consistently fast today. He was definitely battling for the win,” remarked Husaberg Factory Team Manager Antti Kallonen.

In the first three sections Lafferty finished inside the top three just a few seconds off the lead rider. His teammate, Nick Fahringer suffered in the first test finishing with a time approximately one and a half minutes off the pace. “The first test was very discouraging because I turned a very poor time. It was very foggy and misty and was hard to see and I just didn’t ride that well,” reported Fahringer.

Despite a rough first test, Fahringer turned his race around in the remaining tests. He finished just one second after the leader in the third test section and he won the final two tests of the day to move his Husaberg into 4th place position. He stated, “I am proud that I didn’t let my first test result ruin my day and I was able to show that I was competitive at the end of the race.”

Lafferty rode a solid race in the final test sections and held on for 3rd overall. “It feels good to get back on the podium. I am still way back in the point standings but I’ll take any improvement toward the top spot,” remarked Lafferty.

The promoters only counted five of the six special tests toward the riders overall scores today as many riders got lost on the third test and it was thrown out. The riders will now have a few weeks break before heading to Upton, WY for round six of the series on June 19th.


Overall Results –

1)    Charlie Mullins – 29:32

2)    Cory Buttrick – 30:02

3)    Mike Lafferty – 30:28

4)    Nick Fahringer – 31:23

5)    Thad Duvall – 31:35

6)    Rory Mead – 34:06

7)    Russell Bobbitt – 34:33

8)    Andrew Delong – 35:03

9)    Shane Hufford – 36:07

10) Brad Bakken – 36:16


Overall Point Standings –

1)    Charlie Mullins – 125

2)    Russell Bobbitt – 122

3)    Cory Buttrick – 106

4)    Nick Fahringer – 93

5)    Brad Bakken – 79

6)    Mike Lafferty – 72