Husaberg Race Report From The Lead Belt

Fahringer/ Shan Moore PhotoLafferty Earns 4th at Lead Belt National Enduro

Park Hills, MO – Husaberg Factory rider Mike Lafferty earned 4th overall at the Lead Belt National Enduro while his teammate Nick Fahringer finished 6th overall.

Lafferty was battling for a top three spot throughout the entire race day. Lafferty had four special test sections where he scored a top three result. His fast times put him in 2nd place overall heading into the final test section. Lafferty put in his best effort on the final test, but unfortunately, came up just a few seconds short and lost a podium position and fell to 4th place.

His teammate, Fahringer, had a slow start to the day, but came on strong at the end of the day. His improved times in the final few tests helped him move up to 6th place by the end of the day.

Both riders will return home to train for the next month before returning to the series for the ninth round to be held in Matthews, IN on October 14, 2012.

Overall Results –

  1. Charlie Mullins
  2. Russell Bobbitt
  3. Steward Baylor
  4. Mike Lafferty – HSB
  5. Jesse Groemm
  6. Nick Fahringer – HSB
  7. Brad Bakken
  8. Andrew Delong
  9. Geoff Barico
  10. Grant Baylor


Overall Point Standings –

  1. Steward Baylor – 212
  2. Mike Lafferty – 186
  3. Russell Bobbitt – 156
  4. Nick Fahringer – 121