Husaberg Race Report From The Sandlapper

Lafferty  Fahringer 

Lafferty Podiums at Sandlapper National Enduro

Salley, SC – Husaberg Factory rider Mike Lafferty landed on the final podium spot at the third round of the AMA National Enduro Series to keep his podium streak alive.

The 8-time National Enduro Champion had a rough start to the day as he suffered a crash in the opening test section that put him approximately 30 seconds back from the leader. He scored a better time in the second test and then really put everything together in the 3rd and 4th tests to take both section wins. The two wins helped him move up to 2nd as the riders headed to the final two tests.

“The course was pretty muddy in sections today from the rain the night before,” remarked Lafferty. “I had a few issues where I just slid out because of how slick it was and how deep the ruts were and those little issues cost me some time today.”

The fifth section was the longest of the day. Lafferty put together a good ride and finished with the 2nd fastest time to stay ahead of series points leader Steward Baylor. The riders then began the final test which was a quick but technical test. Lafferty had a good run going before he slid out halfway through the test. That mishap allowed Baylor to place a better time and take over the 2nd place position.

At the end of the day Lafferty took home a solid 3rd place continuing his streak of landing on the podium at each round. Now three rounds into the series he sits 3rd in the overall points only 18 points down from the leader.

Lafferty’s teammate, Nick Fahringer, finished 11th overall for the day after struggling with a few crashes. “I am still recovering from my ACL surgery and trying to find my way back to the front of the pack. I feel I am progressing rather well but I just struggled on this course today,” stated Fahringer.

The two riders will now take a five week break before returning for the fourth round of the series to be held in West Point, TN on April 22, 2012.

Overall –

1. Cory Buttrick 

2. Steward Baylor

3. Mike Lafferty – HSB

4. Russell Bobbitt

5. Kailub Russell

6. Thad Duvall

7. Jordan Ashburn

8. Brad Bakken

9. Jesse Groemm

10. Shane Hufford – HSB

11. Nick Fahringer – HSB