Husqvarna Race Report

Husqvarna's Andrew DeLong 3rd at Rattlesnake Enduro

Team Husky pro advances to lead 2014 national championship series. 


Sunday, July 27, 2014

Rattlesnake National Enduro - Cross Fork, PA -- Competing closer to home today Pennsylvania native Andrew DeLong was optimistic that he'd perform well and perhaps even land another win like he did at round 6 in Michigan. Fortunately the weather was on his side but heavy growth throughout the race course, and starting at the front of the field raised the stakes for DeLong.

"The Rd 6 win was a confidence builder for Andrew but starting first today (as a result of the win) adds pressure and made things more challenging," said Husqvarna team manager Andy Jefferson. "He broke trail for the rest of the guys and that's hard work."

Aided by ideal weather and a well prepared Husqvarna FE 350, DeLong made quick work of the first few special tests scoring a pair of 2nds and a 3rd by narrow margins. His results varied slightly throughout the remaining specials and a few mistakes took their toll.

"At the end of the race, Andrew commented that he couldn't get back into the rhythm he had earlier in the day." Said Jefferson. "Even without a win, this was a pretty good day. His 3rd place finish puts him into the series points lead and with a trio of races left, it's going to be exciting!"

CAPTION: Andrew DeLong on his way to another podium finish at the 2014 Rattlesnake National Enduro. Shan Moore Photo.

Sunday July 27, 2014 Rattlesnake National Enduro Results:

1. Jesse Groemm
2. Steward Baylor Jr
3. Andrew DeLong - Husqvarna
4. Michael Lafferty
5. Grant Baylor
6. Paddy Holloway
7. Brad Bakken
8. Ryder Lafferty - Husqvarna
9. Nick Fahringer - Husqvarna
10. Kyle McDonal

2014 Kenda/AMA National Enduro Series Standings:

1. Andrew DeLong - Husqvarna
2. Nick Fahringer - Husqvarna
3. Jesse Groemm
4. Brad Bakken
5. Charles Mullins
6. Grant Baylor
7. Michael Lafferty
8. Steward Baylor Jr
9. Cory Buttrick
10. Ryder Lafferty - Husqvarna


Husqvarna Riders Roll-In At The Rattlesnake

Congratulations to Ryder Lafferty and Nick Fahringer who brought their Husqvarna's in at 8th and 9th respectively.

Congrats is also in order for Craig DeLong, Andrew's kid brother, for his fifth AA-Expert 250 class win! Craig has cushioned his series points lead by a wide margin.