Want to practice again? Let us know!

Don't forget before next Wednesday

YOU MUST set up your participant profile to register for an event. Once you have set up your participant profile, you will not have to set it up again to register for any other NEPG/LiveLaps events.

CLICK HERE to create your participant profile and register for the practice event. If you would like to practice again please let us know and we will delete your entry and you can enter again.

Practice signing up friends.

 If you want to enter multiple riders to be on the same row it is quick and easy. Log in to your account, select the event, enter your row, select registering yourself and others, search for your friends by LiveLaps 4 digit account #, AMA # or name, pay and your done. (All riders MUST have a LiveLaps account)

NOTE: When you are directed to PayPal to pay for your practice event registration select "Log into PayPal account", enter user name (info-buyer@livelaps.com) and password (livelaps) you will not be charged. 

CLICK HERE to view your row after you have registered. 

If you have any questions please contact us at info@nationalenduro.com