Jack Pine Pre Ride

Click To Enlarge For those of you that have ridden the Jack Pine in years past you are used to seeing some classic Michigan sand whoops along the way. Well we did our usual pre-ride yesterday, a little earlier since we are not far away and found very few old trails and even fewer sand whoops in this years Jack Pine. Not saying that all of the trails are nice and smooth because the ground is naturally bumpy in this neck of the woods, but we would recommend setting your bike up more for tight trees than fast sand whoops.

We traditionally try and have the final test of the day as the "A" only section, but this week based on the flow of the course the "A" only section will be the very first test. The "B&C" riders will start out the event with about 6-miles of a untimed cruise of some nice open trails, while the "A" riders are working up a good sweat before everyone joins back together.

That means that the "B" riders will ride the last test along with the "A" riders as the "C" riders wave as they go by or stop and watch.