Jesse Groemm Race Report

Groemm Report

Upton, Wyoming


After an exciting week of traveling through the country side, seeing Mount Rushmore, the Bad Lands and getting 3 days of riding in South Dakota near Farmingdale, and in the Black hills national forest which was really beautiful, we headed toward Upton Wyoming Friday late afternoon. I’m not sure if I incorrectly typed the coordinates or the Garmin just wanted to take us the scenic route but we ended up driving HK’s motorhome down 15 miles of dirt road and talking to a Wyoming cattle farmer who pointed us in the right direction toward Upton we decided to cook dinner and camp on the side of the country road. Saturday morning we arrived at the Upton high school and hustled all day changing jetting, tires, testing, and prepping finally we got it all done and ate dinner at the local diner and sat amongst the husky boys (Delong, Davis) and Yamaha’s Jordan Ashburn, and Randy Hawkins.

Sunday morning I saddled up and headed over to the start, It was dry, hot, and dusty but riding out in Wyoming was really cool, The first test I rode good with no major issues to a solid 6th fastest time the second test I felt better and was fast and smooth finishing a strong 2nd  . In the third test I was riding well until I made some mistakes and ended up on the ground a few times which cost me valuable time I finished 8th there,  in the fifth test I struggled with arm pump that  was minor in the begging of the day but got progressively worse toward the end I finished 8th. In the sixth and final test the arm pump continued but I pushed through it until I was stopped by a branch snagging my fuel line causing it to come off stalling the bike I finished the final test with a 10th and ended the day with a 8th overall.

I’m disappointed with my result but I’m happy to have still finished in the top ten and have experienced racing all the way out in Wyoming!

I couldn’t have done it without the support of my sponsors.


Jesse Groemm,

Offroad Motorcycle racer / local 28 boilermaker apprentice

Sponsors. Mom,Dad,

Hank Knabe/ HK Truck center Southplainfield NJ

Glenn Sherer/ M&S engineering

Factory Connection:The best suspension period

Bromleys KTM:

Brooks Hamilton

Moose Racing:


Trapini's motorcycle specialist.




NineOneNine Designs

SPY googles

Enduro Engineering