Jesse Groemm Race Report

Shan Moore Photo / Click to enlarge 5/6/12 Groemm Race report

4th Overall Louisiana National Enduro Race report

It was hot and dry todayabout 90 degrees I stayed hydrated all weekend because I knew hydration is key, the first test went really well I rode strong and had no mistakes  I finished 7seconds behind Baylor and beat Mike Lafferty by 1 sec.  In the second test I rode really well with no mistakes and finished in second again 9 seconds behind Mike lafferty. I knew I washaving a good ride so I tried to push even harder in the 3rd and 4th test witch didn’t work out as well because I over shot a few turns and fellfinishing 4th in the third test. The 4th test I kept pushing but I was disappointed in myself for making a few clumsy mistakes that cost valuable time. In the fifth test I was riding very strong until I lost my hand guard witch was difficult to ride without because the section was fairly tight but I pushed through finishing 7thin that test. In the final test a 14 mile section I went inblazing and rode well most of the test I dropped it once in there but as I was riding who I think was Jordan Ashburn was coming backward on the trail andpulled off witch confused me so I slowed down for a few seconds and made sure reminded me of  the mci enduro in warren grove NJ I finished the final test with a 6th place everyone was really pushing in that test. Im happy I finished 4th but I want to finish better than that and keep improving. After the race cycle news Shan Moore found me at our parking spotand did a quick interview witch was really cool a few moments later I was flattered when Yamaha’s Randy Hawkins came up to me introduced himself and gaveme his business card witch was really awesome !!! OK deep breathe now so me and Hank are Driving back to NJ all night and tomorrow to get some work in this week then heading to Indiana for the Gncc next weekend should be good I just have to do some research on what Indiana isgoing to be like, figure out my setup, get ready and keep training like a madman ! I couldn’t have done it without the support of my sponsors


Jesse Groemm,

Offroad Motorcycle racer / local 28 boilermaker apprentice

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