Jesse Warner Race Report

Tennessee National Enduro Race Report

Our trip to Tennessee started out mid Friday afternoon, starting once again after my college class.  Dad and I were doing this trip old school just the two of us so we hammered out the drive pretty quickly.  We actually expected a 12 hour drive when we took off, but once we typed the address in the GPS we realized it was only about 8.5 hours so we decided to get within about a half hour of our destination in Westpoint before we found a Wal Mart to park the trailer for the night.  Little did we know how wild the Lawrenceburg Wal Mart gets at night, as we got to watch countless burnouts and cruisers getting crazy in the parking as entertainment until about 12 a.m.

We stopped at the Shoney’s for a pretty awful buffet breakfast after we got up and headed to the pits.  We spent the majority of Saturday just relaxing with our friend Jamie Campbell, checking over the bike, and getting all signed in.  I was set for row 91 because we weren’t very timely on pre-entering for this enduro.  I was pretty nervous as to how the trail would be on one of the last rows but chose to just go for it and hope for the best. 

Well my worries turned out to be fact, as not long into the first section I realized how long my day was going to be.  The trail was VERY rough by the time row 91 got there, it was basically braking bumps corner to corner in some places and when paired with the already rocky and hard Tennessee terrain I knew it wasn’t going to be an easy day.  I crashed in the first section about half way through when a slick root ripped the bars out of my arm-pumped hands, also knocking off my headlight as I would find out at the end of the section when they stopped me to ask me my number. 

Section two was more of the same and I felt like I kind of struggled to get in the groove.  In the third section it opened up a bit and I finally felt like I was able to get going.  I really love the new bike and feel very fast on it, I just was out of my element on such rough trails.  I stayed smooth and rode basically error free through sections 4, 5, and 6 but my pace was just off where it should be.  I believe it was section 4 that the club put in a shale rock waterfall line we got to ride down that was definitely one of the coolest elements of the trail all day.  Section 6 was significantly less beat up than the rest as only the A riders rode it and I would say it was my favorite section since it had a nice mix of technical and fast sections. 

I ended the day with a fairly mediocre finish in my eyes with an 8th in Open A and 40th Overall.  I’m definitely looking to pick up the pace in Louisiana the first weekend in May.  A goal of mine has been top 30, and I’ve been close with 34th overall in Georgia.   I’m hoping row 39 in Louisiana and a positive attitude I’m keeping will put me up there.  It’s hard to be angry with a solid ride on a bike I really love, even if the results aren’t what I’m hoping for.

Big Thanks to Dad for driving until almost 3 a.m. to get me home for school Monday morning.  High School is winding down and I have been really busy with school so keeping the absences to a minimum is important.

I’d like to thank my wonderful sponsors:, Floyd Farms Racing, Steve Comer Farms, Andrew Stokely Racing, ServiceMaster Clean of Anderson, Throttle Jockey/Graphics Lab, Kerlin Trailers Motorsports and Western World, Enduro Engineering, Unabiker, and IndyMoto, without their help I wouldn’t be out there racing!

Until next time, stay safe!

Jesse Warner #165