Kim Watson Benefit Raffle

Kim is a long time SETRA competitor and member of the Greenville Enduro Riders club.  Not only is Kim a member of the SETRA family, his stepson, Heath Lee, is also a long time SETRA competitor.  Kim was injured while practicing in early December and immediately lost all movement from his neck down.  The accident required that he had his C4/C5 fused for the second time.  Once the surgery was completed and the swelling subsided, Kim began to have feeling and movement in all of his extremities, but the road to recovery has been, and is expected to continue being, a long and tough battle.  Kim and his wife Kimberly, have maintained a positive attitude, and a will to fight for Kim to regain the abilities that many of us take for granted.  He has been encouraged by the visits, phone calls and notes from his motorcycle riding friends, which makes him more determined to work harder at his rehabilitation than most people will ever have to relate to.