KR4 Race Report

  KR4 Arrive-n-Ride Team Conquers the Concho

As the dust settled at the Concho, KR4 riders again put in stellar performances and finished strong! Home of Round 2 of the National Enduro Series, the Concho Enduro serves as one of the most unique venues on the circuit. The Blackwell, Texas stop is dusty, rocky, and fast! East Coast riders are always amazed by the lack of trees roots and tight woods, and are surprised instead by the prevalent prickly-pear cactus and jagged, loose rocks. This year, the Concho was made even more interesting by temperatures in the 40s and high winds. As if this race is not different enough already, the property is an established exotic animal ranch, so Zebras, Giraffes, Bison, and other unusual creatures call the ranch home.

Shane Hufford picked up right where he left off in South Carolina with another strong finish. Hufford started the day earning a 4th in the morning’s first test. When Arrive-n-Ride Team Manager Fred Andrews asked about the first test, Shane expressed that he was happy to keep in on two wheels in the loose rocks and said he just kind of kept a trail-riding pace. With a smile, Fred answered, “You finished 4th in that one, so just keep on trail riding!”

Hufford’s best test finish was a 3rd place in Test 2. Shane finished in the Top 5 in every test but one, where he got a 6th.  Shane remarked, “I had a lot of fun out there today! We made a last-minute decision to go with the 300, and it was fun to ride in all the rocks. Although I had a few close calls, I never fell all day long, so I was thankful for that! I am looking forward to Round 3 in Tennessee.”

Jubal Brown made the trip to the Lonestar State as well. Unlike many of the other riders, Brown felt more comfortable on the Texas terrain. “Believe it or not, the Texas terrain is more similar to Idaho than any of the East Coast rounds. It is nice to be back in some more open terrain, and the dust and rocks are the norm at home!” Brown pushed hard for a Top 5 finish in the Open A division, and things were looking good before a mistake in Test 4 set him back to 6th. Despite this, we are thrilled with the progress Jubal made between rounds, as he moved much higher in the Overall and Overall A rankings from the Sand Lapper.

Jubal commented, “I had a blast out there today! The wind actually kept the dust to a minimum throughout the day, and my FLY Black Ops jacket kept me plenty warm while a lot of other riders were freezing.  The coolest part of the day, however, was getting to see a Wildebeest on one of the transfer sections!”

Fred Andrews was pleased with the team’s performance, and even more thrilled with the durability of our Sponsors’ products:

We never changed a MAXXIS tire all day. Other teams went through two or three tires after the rocky terrain shredded them, but ours held up great; that says something about MAXXIS! Due to the dusty conditions, we had to install new DT1 air filters before the last test, but none of the fine soil made its way into the airbox. We are excited to continue our momentum with Shane and Jubal going into Round 3.

Be sure to check back in with us in a few weeks when we get back from West Point, Tennessee. The Rad Dad Enduro will serve as the 3rd stop of the NEPG tour, and we can’t wait to get back on the road and do some more racing!